Glad you are enjoying the cool season in Wyoming as well. Kind and merciful God, we have sinned in Your sight, We have followed desire, we have failed to aspire, Kind and merciful God, we’ve neglected Your Word. I find it does a fabulous job.... for all my grinding.As for using the cuisinart food processor to "grind" the meat, well, it probably wouldn't work. Especially going public with going after my first attempt. Jasna, You are welcome! I placed mine in the le cruset since that was what I had that was big enough to fit the other container in. Have a wonderful day! I basically wrapped the liver mix in parchment paper, and then used foil to wrap again... this way the foil would help keep its shape, as well as keep most of the water out as it was poaching. You can add in some softened butter at the end. Through the power of Your pardon and peace. " After that, I transfer the mixed mixture in mason jars, or anything that has a lid and refrigerate. The Ultimate Braunschweiger Sandwich. While the recipe uses some sort of casing to stuff  the raw liver mixture, I didn't have any. I have shared this with others since they were asking me about it. The final product was simply amazing! As for the timing I'm not exactly sure how long it took her, but you can use a thermometer to check the internal temperature. Lift your eyes toward heaven and believe the One who holds eternity. And you know turned out GREAT! But having said that... you might want to go the "pate" route as an option. As with any pate, flavor improves with a day or two … Cut beef tongue in chunks. What is the best way to store this for a long shelf life and how long would it last? Allow to cool. So I chose to make my own version of a "casing". After 24 hours "settling" time in the fridge. So I'm wondering if I put the liverwurst in pint jars, could I process is in a pressure cooker so that it seals and can be stored? You can then replace the cooked heart for the cooked tongue and follow the same directions of grinding and refrigerating per original recipe. I poached it directly in the Mason jars I'll store them in. Freeze till solid. 10. And because I knew exactly what went into it, it was doubly worth it:). I have never made this before. Place the sausage in a 165 degree F water for about one hour to internal temp of 152°F. Wrap yet again.... twisting the ends to tighten log. Rye Bread (I prefer dark and heavily seeded) Braunschweiger (sliced 1/4″ thick) Set aside and refrigerate. Sper sa iti placa si tie . You won't use this technique, but can cook the organ meat and then process it. I would think not, but wanted to check. I'd probably chop the meat by hand before placing it in the food processor. Cook liver in simmering water for 10 minutes then chill before grinding. Please write me at Brandi14@gmail.comI think it's either buttermilk or some starter culture not sure.Brandii. Refrigerate for 12- 24 hours to allow the flavors to settle as well as the liverwurst to "mature". Brenda, I think she used glass jars and yes, she cooked them in a hot water bath. Colorado, so I harvested my first bull elk this 2018 season! And the truth that would guide us aright; We have lived in the shade of the dark we have made, Kind and merciful God, we have broken Your laws. Are there any brands that you recommend? Sometimes it just takes a bit of strength to overcome our fears... and then you're good to go! Appreciate it! 8. I didn't save any fat when we butchered, but now I'm hungry for liver sausage and trying to figure out how to make it with what I have on hand (sheep and beef liver, a couple of sheep tongues, a pork roast, and tallow). Braunschweiger also has a difference from its origin, and that’s why it has a different name. While I am not as passionate as my dad is, I do love me some Braunschweiger sandwiches! This particular recipe is a modified version of the previous and has much better flavor and texture. Place one part of the liver mixture onto a large piece of parchment paper... fold over the parchment paper and roll into a log. I have to say, you took on a huge project... am proud of you for completing it. Hope that helps.... Hi Ellie,I have been encouraged of late to try more organ meats, and even though it seems a bit challenging I remember loving liverwurst as a child. Homemade German Liverwurst... "Pateu de Casa". I can't wait to try it! THANK YOU so much. Mya, Yes, you will need to cook the heart till tender. Cook beef tongue till tender  and peel skin off. Do you think the food processor would work? It is always such a blessing when you can replicate childhood memories:). ewwww. This way, you don't overheat the meat mixture. I loved pressed tongue at the deli but don't want to acutally "deal" with it lol.Bit like brains - yum yum but don't make me handle raw brains.Any suggestion as to what to use instead of tongue?Sorry i'm squeamish :). First and foremost, because it would be free of preservatives, and secondly, because I could use ingredients I wanted. Have some lamb heart and liver I would love to try this with. In any case, it's nice to know the recipe works with beef liver as well.... in case you can't find or want to use pork liver. I found yours. Repeat with the other 2 portions of liver mixture. 3. I felt the liverwurst would  be a great project to make. Megan, You are most welcome! 5. Mix until thoroughly combined. Speranta, Cu placere:)... reteta este un pic mai complicata, dar resultatul este f. bun. May those who wait for You not be ashamed through me, O Lord G, May those who seek You not be dishonored through me, O GOD of Israel. " Hi Linda, You know, I just use my kitchenaid attachment grinder. Commercial sausage kitchens use a machine called a chopper but we have to make due with what we have. Making Sausage. If I use heart instead of tongue would I cook it first like the tongue? May our hearts now be changed and no longer estranged. Hope you enjoy... 1/2 onion +1 TBS oil, grated and cooked till soft and golden, 1. Would love to hear if it does work. Multumesc pentru reteta draga mea Ellie! He immediately put out the fire and gave us all relief! Sweet of him. Sounds delicious but I dont know if i can get my head around peeling the skin off the tongue! In a large bowl add cold cooked tongue, cold ground fat and liver, cooled onion, and spices. Plus, it makes a nice amount... you can give some away... or use as an hors d'oeuvre for large gatherings. Also, I hope and pray you all in Montana are "over" the fires with the recent moisture. I would assume you would have a chunky liverwurst... sort of like chunky peanut butter:). You might be on to something... it worth a try! Since you can can meat, I don't see a difference with canning liverwurst. I am thrilled to hear that you are adapting it to fit your needs.Have a wonderful day! So worth it. When your sister did her liverwurst in the long did she cook them for and did she do them in a hot water bath? You know, I haven't ever canned meat, but having said that I think it is quite possible. Maybe before you invest in a grinder. The spice mix is just perfect, reminds me of my childhood! I love Braunschweiger. Source: Jack Schmidling Productions, Inc. Total Carbohydrate We in Wyoming are sad to see summer go but can rejoice at the end of "fire" season! I'm assuming you can't do this in a Cuisinart.Thanks, Linda. A big thanks to my sister who did the hard work of finding just the right recipe... that beats the store-bought version. And you'll have a good pâté . It does not last long around our house, but I've read that if you pour melted butter on top it lasts longer. Braunschweiger (Homemade Liverwurst) Its origin is Braunschweig, in the Brunswick province of Germany. Do you know of anyone that has done that? But I had total faith in your recipe for some reason. I felt the liverwurst would be a great project to make. Remove liver mixture from the fridge and divide into 3 parts. Hope that helps... and enjoy it:)! You could freeze it, though I really don't recommend it, as I tried it and found the texture/flavor suffering a bit especially if frozen for longer than a week or so. 5. They are best stuffed into beef middles as fibrous casings do not shrink with the sausage. 6. I test by pressing on the liverwurst and if it is firm it is cooked.