The Accessible Goal Crossing Project is funded by the National Science Foundation as... ActivityStudio. FCMA: Full Correlation Matrix Analysis of Human Brains, Scalable causal consistency for wide-area data replication. This triangle mesh can then be composited onto a canvas containing an existing mesh representation of earlier strokes. Download Undergraduate Projects Topics and Materials Accounting, Economics, Education CSE ECE EEE IEEE. OpenTopography: A Services Oriented Architecture for Community Access to LIDAR Topography (pre-print). This project investigates how to build an efficient, high-quality content-based similarity search engine for feature-rich (non-text) data, which has dominated the increasing volume of digital information. free research papers-computer science-35 IEEE PAPERS AND PROJECTS FREE TO DOWNLOAD . Related Computer Science Projects Projects. This paradigm allows artists to create complex, multi-scale drawings with gradients and sharp features while avoiding pixel sampling artifacts. From cell phones to social media, computer science is a part of your daily life. The Network Programming Initiative supports research on languages, algorithms, and tools for network programming, and facilitates closer interactions with partners in industry and government. We have developed a compelling list of interesting Computer Science research project topics. An appreciation of protein structure guides much of our research. For much of my professional life, designing algorithms had been my thing. The research topics include sketch construction, indexing for similarity search, distance functions for different feature-rich data types, integration with attribute-based search tools, content-addressable and searchable storage system, and Memex systems. Download Complete, reliable and ready made Computer Science project work. The CertiCoq project aims to build a proven-correct compiler for dependently-typed, functional languages, such as Gallina—the core language of the Coq proof assistant. These computer science projects and idea have been researched and updated here for students to implement and use. | Over 130,000 people from 145 countries already do. The first order of business, therefore, is to build new analytical tools for natural algorithms. CertiCoq: Principled Optimizing Compilation of Dependently Typed Programs… We provide the best Computer Science Project topics for all final year research paper. The Internet of Everything: Bringing everyday objects into the digital world with RFID tags. Misc. The premise of my current research is that interpreting biological or social self-organized systems as "natural algorithms" brings upon them a fresh, new perspective ripe for inquiry. Together we are mapping the 3D structure of neurons; advancing our quest to understand ourselves. The new era of large-scale experimental methods in molecular biology has transformed it into an information-based science, making bioinformatics an integral part of genomic research. Discussion is always a good thing. Also, cse … Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application. Figure 1. Anyone can play and you need no scientific background. The is is a joint laboratory with the Department of Computer Science and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. Our faculty's contributions to these areas of the discipline are unmatched in their breadth, depth, and quality. The Liberty Computer Architecture Research Group exploits unique opportunities exposed by considering the interaction of compilers and architectures to increase performance, to improve reliability, to reduce cost, to lower power, and to shorten the time to market of microprocessor systems. I believe that only the algorithm has the expressive power to model complex self-adaptive systems at the right levels of abstraction. ImageNet is an image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy (currently only the nouns), in which each node of the hierarchy is depicted by hundreds and thousands of images. We are particularly interested in predicting specificity in protein interactions and uncovering how molecular interactions and functions vary across context, organisms and individuals. We're Ready, Call Us (+234) 07030248044. Ask us anything! Automated report aid creation Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Creative problem solvers are using computer science to tackle social problems, improve agriculture, make great entertainment, and start exciting new companies. OpenCV C++ Program to play a video. Home; People. You can do this by using special RGB (red, green, … OpenCV C++ Program to create a single colored blank image. Disease Prediction System Using Classification Techniques. We leverage high-throughput biological datasets in order to develop data-driven algorithms for predicting protein interactions and specificity; for analyzing biological networks in order to uncover cellular organization, functioning, and pathways; for uncovering protein functions via sequences and structures; and for analyzing proteomics and sequencing data.