Chill until firm. In a bowl, combine gelatin ... mixture into 5 1/2 cup mold. Look for heads with deep-green outer leaves and a white to pale-yellow heart. Endive is also good for you just like other leafy greens – it’s filled with fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamins. Pasta With Beans And Endive. Sep. 14, 2011. It is wonderful when served raw or cooked. Endive is part of the chicory family, like radicchio, escarole, frisee and curly endive. Ingredients. These long, flat noodles have ruffled edges that look similar to curly hair. ITALIAN SALAD BOWL. Maccheroni is probably better known as macaroni — yes, of macaroni and cheese fame. Chef.Foodie. This curly pasta is said to have been named after the lustrous locks of a princess named Mafalda of Savoy. Sprinkle with salmon and chives. Curly endive, a hearty green related to endive and escarole, has narrow stems and frilly, very curly leaves. Photo: Ezume Images/Shutterstock. 1/2 bunch curly endive (also called chicory), large, tough stems removed and cut into bite-size pieces. To serve, unmold and garnish with curly endive, if desired. 6 servings. 1 Belgian endive, cut into spears 36. ... among plates. Another name for this pasta is reginette, meaning little queen. Ingredients: 14 (chives .. eggs .. juice .. mustard .. oil .. pasta ...) 7. Maccheroni. Mix pasta with endive and radicchio in large bowl. It can be eaten raw in salads, but cooking mellows its assertively bitter flavor. Deselect All. Home » Pasta With Beans And Endive .