You can actually think about any gift item which you usually give to others on occasions like birthday, marriage anniversary etc. So, to prove her wrong, I decided to buy her an expensive gift. 7. Each day is a gift. 11:39 am The best gift i have ever received was the feeling i got when i gave my parents what they really wanted. Made in Switzerland, it was one of the most feminine, elegant and classy watches I have ever seen. [Part 3 answers are written by - Mary, UK, Economist with Main Field of Studies in Business Economics.]. A bat, ball, gloves or costume that you received from someone you care. 9. 14. The expensive gift was a wristwatch from one of the most prestigious watchmaking companies in the world. After that mention how you managed to purchase the gift and from where you bought it. 56. Describe an expensive gift you gave to someone. It not only depends on the kind of gifts and prices but also how carefully and honestly the gifts were selected and given to you. You should say: who you gave it to; what kind of present it was; how it compares to other presents you have given; And explain why you decided to give this particular gift. Furthermore, if some commodities become more affordable there is a possibility that this trend will be much different in the future than it is now. Being able to make notes of these points will help you talk about this topic. Your 'fluency and coherence' is the most important part of your speaking exam. About those who don't like giving presents you can say that it is costly, you don't know someone so well so you can't pick a present for them, gifts do not always represent that the giver cares about you or it is a custom that is inflicted by other generations, people often give flowers, toys and chocolate and you are allergic to flower, do not like chocolate and hate toys. "IELTS Sample Answer & IELTS Preparation". I hadn’t seen her in a long time, and because of that, she thought that I wasn’t being a good brother to her. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you are giving someone your time, You are giving them a portion of your life that you will never get back Anonymous. 1208 second Describe a gift you gave to someone You should say What the gift was Who you gave it to Why you gave it And explain whether this person liked the gift or not. Describe a gift you have received which is very special for you. Answer: I recently gave a gift to my friend Juliet, who is my oldest friend. I saved almost 7-8 k each month and just before 3-4 days of her birthday, I bought the phone. Describe the best present/gift you have received. You should say: what the gift was who gave it to you what the occasion was And explain why this gift is special for you. Also, mention the occasion for the gift. If the gift is for a family member like a younger sister, mother or father, mention how eagerly you were expecting to give this gift to him/her. What would be your perfect holiday or vacation look like? Then mention whom you gave it (can be a family member, friend, relative, classmate, teacher, neighbour or a colleague). treat 4. For me, giving gifts to a relative, family member or friend is quite fascinating and an act of showing I care. To me, this is a token of appreciation and a symbol of care. A gift is always a souvenir of good wishes and a mark for a better relationship and you felt just happy to be able to give it to this person. Talk about a gift that you gave to someone recently You should say: what the gift was; when it was given; whom you gave it to; and say how you felt about it. She had been longing to own a smartphone and after receiving it from me she hugged me. ( Harpreet kaur Malliana ), A gift you have given cue card with answer IELTS EXAM, Describe the best present/gift you have received. That was an unexplainable pleasure, amusement, satisfaction that I felt after I saw her bewildering face after she opened the gift. Finally, I also wanted to make my little sister happy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Answer: The type of presents depends on the occasion, a person's personality, choice, economic & social status and so on. I could have bought her a phone for 10k but seriously I wanted to give her the best one that I can accommodate. Q. Why? You can't give the same present all the time because not everything suits everyone and this is completely reasonable. This is a water-resistant cell phone manufactured by Sony Mobile and is a hot one in the market. I like a lot to have presents from people I appreciate, care and love. A gift that a teacher gave you. 15. The gift I gave to my younger sister recently is the one I would like to talk about. You can also mention, you had no previous preparation for buying a gift and you roamed in a gift shop and chose this one all of a sudden. I felt really great after I gave the gift to my sister. The gift can be merely a postcard to an expensive one like house/ flat. Q. Your ability to answer this Cue Card topic would also help you to talk about the following Cue Card topics:1. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! All rights reserved. Describe a birthday gift you once received. As I already told, from her conversation I knew that she wished to own a smartphone that she would be able to use the internet and take quality photographs. Speaking recording. But I would like to talk about the gift or present that I recently gave to my sister.It is a beutiful gift as well as used to her.It is a beautiful wrist watch.My sister can use it in her exams.I gave it to my sister.Because her final exams of 10th class are near to appeared and there are no other accessory is allowed rather than awrist watch.On her last birthday we arrangeda party and invite all her friends.All people fully enjoyed in this party.His friends gave her some presents as well as our family.After the birthday party, She opened all her presents one by one.But when she saw my given present, she felt very happy.Because she has really need it.Before this, I thought about to give it directly but thenI had decided to give it on her birthday.So this is very suitable as well as appeared best for my sister.I felt very emotional when I saw happiness of my loving sister. However, if you are one of them, who doesn't like receiving presents, you can just say the reasons. The only thing I reckon that's different today is the kind of gifts given. Describe an occasion that you enjoyed. This is the most common case, but I also give presents to my parents on their wedding anniversary. Some festivals also encourage people to exchange gifts. This might not be an expensive gift but you bought it with good wished and cordial love. Describe an important gift you received. Votes [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. Write down the name of the item and the person who gave it to you as well as when did you receive it and what was the occasion. 3. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.] Some examples that I can think are clothes, books, perfumes, shoes, household appliances, and bags, especially on birthdays. gift noun. 9. Describe an expensive gift you gave to someone. However, the grand gesture and underlying reason for gift-giving will remain almost the same as it is today. 12. Having a very beautiful and contrasting dial/face colour, the watch would surely attract anybody’s admiration and attention with its metallic gold and bright bezel. Describe an important gift you received. I knew that she had been wishing to buy a smartphone for a year but could not do so. What gift would you give to help a child develop? Question: Describe a gift you recently gave to someone. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 IELTS Mentor. Who usually gives you gifts?Answer: My parents, relatives and friends mostly give me gifts. In future people will be able to buy presents not only on usual occasions but also whenever they want to. 5. It is a blued-steel watch (not just a blue colour watch) with a unique bracelet, and it is also waterproof. When she opened it on Christmas, she was speechless. Describe a flower shop you have visited. General Tip: Don't always try to give a big and extended answer. Some examples are that- you feel that you are obligated to repay them, you might not like the present but you must keep it because the opposite is disrespectful, you just invite someone to an important event of yours not for bringing gifts but because you want them there for you.