It is only in one area of the world that discus fish are found – the Amazon River. Discus requires a little more care and husbandry than most bread-and-butter tropical fish. The body colour of the Blue discus ranges from medium brown to light brown, and the vividness of all nine bars on the body are the same, although, the ones that run over the eye and lower part of the caudal fin are more vivid. The eyes of the Green discus is usually red. Class 11 – Discus that belong to this class is the red Discus. Your email address will not be published. The ideal tank mates for discus fish. Similar to dog breeds, each strain possesses its own unique characteristics and loyal fan base. Discus Aquarium Tanks Requirements & Aquascape Designs Ideas. Class 3 – Discus belonging to this class are members of the Blue Discus species. The discus hobby is constantly evolving as breeders throughout the world constantly innovate new pattern and color combinations. In some Amazon River regions, there is Brown Discus that has been noticed to have redder than brown colours, and they are in high demand by people seeking to crossbreed so as to get the Tomato Red striated Discus. The temperature of your aquarium is crucial to the health of your Discus, and it is difficult to maintain a stable temperature in your aquarium without an aquarium heater. The variants of this discus range from the regular Blue discus to the Royal Blue. There are specific countries that breed Discus such as Germany, Vietnam, and China. There are blue and red stripes on the anal and dorsal fins; the ventral fins are dark brown in colour and covered with blue and red stripes. Native to the Amazon River, the discus prefers warm water with temperatures between 82 and 88-degrees Fahrenheit. There are a few whose background colours are brown instead of red, but they are very scarce, and that is why they are widely coveted by a lot of breeders and fish collectors. However, they specialize more in the albino variants such as Albino Golden, Albino Turquoise, Albino Leopard Snakeskin, Albino Snakeskin, and Albino Green Discus. An example is Turquoise Discus. Class 6 – Discus in this class have fine stripes and dots that cover their gill plates with at most 14 vertical bars. Examples include Pearl Discus, Ring Leopard Discus, and Checkerboard Discus. Heckle discus is very well known for its outstanding and evident 1st, 5th, and 9th vertical bars. Pigeon Blood Discus was created through a mutation in Thailand. This is me Firas Sameer, the founder of, I am an aquarist guy with a passion and love for Discus fishes, I am learning every day with my hobby at home and sharing the things I am learning from my experience with you. Willischwartz’s Discus is also pretty rare, that is why they are not usually bred. The head of this discus is solid metallic blue down to the back of the gill plate; however, the rest of the body is covered with a red background colour, and blue stripes run through the body. The most expensive Discus fishes include Red Golden Diamond Discus, Royal F1 Discus, Albino Solid Gold Discus, Golden Checkerboard Pigeon Discus, High Body Cobra Snakeskin Discus, Mystic Red Cover Discus, Flame Turquoise Discus, Red Velvet Discus, Carnation Tiger Turquoise Discus, and Yellow Panda Discus. Discus is a schooling fish so it prefers to stay in groups of 6 species at least and it hardly stands being alone. It’s hard to search out knowledgeable individuals on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re speaking about! Discus can also be found in the Nanay River in the far west of the Amazon, which is external to the aboriginal scope. The anal and dorsal fins have a seam of black edges; there is also a red stripe around the top the dorsal fin. Heckle discus has between 44 and 53 scales while Willishwartz’s discus has between 53 and 59 scales. Class 7 – In this class of Discus, you will find complex-looking patterns. USA – Among the Discus fishes bred in the United States are the Blue Cobalt, Red Panda, Super Galaxy Turquoise, Yellow Discus and various Pigeon variants Discus. Vietnam – There are a variety of Discus breeds in Vietnam, like Red White and Blue Diamonds. Examples are Eagle Discus and Red Snakeskin. One bar runs through the eye, the other through the caudal fin, and the most predominant one runs down the center of the body. Examples include Golden, Yellow Crystal, Pigeon blood and Golden Spotted Discus. The forehead down to the gill plates are covered with horizontal blue stripes. if you plan to house other species of fish along with the discus, it is necessary that you choose those that can also survive in similar water parameters.