Most septic system failures are related to inappropriate design and poor maintenance. The real difference is how the septic system designer utilizes the regulations. Septic System Design Cal State Engineering Inc. has over 60 combined years in designing a wide range of septic system types and sizes for both residential and commercial applications. Common Septic Questions; Engineered Systems; specializing in sewer pumps, alarms, and engineered system maintance. Otherwise an engineered system utilizes the same Health Code regulations and specifications as a non-engineer employs when designing a system. There are four main components: Avoid excess water. Fortunately, septic system care and maintenance is really pretty simple and inexpensive. In Connecticut there are approximately 60 different types of septic systems detailed in the Health Code regulations. Septic Pump Diagnosis, Repair & Maintenance. Are oil changes a negative of owning a car? Maintenance Program for Engineered Systems. This guide briefly describes septic system components and how they should be maintained. Minimize water flow into the system from household plumbing. These conditions can cause hydraulic failures and water resource contamination. Welcome to Engineered Septic & Sewer We are a full-service septic & sewer systems installation, maintenance and excavation company. These maintenance requirements range from inspection, cleaning/replacing filters, servicing pumps, checking pipes, and inspecting drain field function. Engineered Septic Systems. Also direct outside water away from the drain field. Some people view maintenance as a negative aspect of an engineered septic system. Pump alarm going off? Our Services . Just like any engineered system, septic systems require regular inspection and maintenance to continue to perform correctly. Some soil-based systems (with a leach or drain field) have been installed at sites with inadequate or inappropriate soils, excessive slopes or high ground water tables. Fortunately, septic systems typically have very few moving parts and only require minimal regular maintenance. Serving Nevada, Placer, Yuba & El Dorado Counties. Don’t put chemicals, paints, food scraps, grease, or other solids down the drain. That is essentially the mentality used when we think of "conventional" septic systems and drain fields as being maintenance … Engineered Septic Systems Christine Gustafson 2020-05-04T03:49:07-07:00. We provide superior sewer and septic tank maintenance services, including septic tank pumping and inspection as well as city sewer and water connections. Don’t flush chemicals, grease, trash. A septic system will serve a home for a long time if it is properly located, designed, constructed and maintained. However, even the best designed and installed septic system will eventually fail without periodic maintenance. Septic System Components. We offer a maintenance program to owners of engineered septic systems, consisting of the following maintenance items, performed twice a year, approximately 6 months apart: Perform field section rotation by switching valves or surge tank riser plugs. Inspect field for balanced distribution of effluent to all field sections. With 20+ years of experience our mission is to provide quality septic and leach field diagnoses and repair at a competitive price. Would you buy a car that didn't have the ability to have an oil change knowing that eventually the engine will seize up and be worthless?