Well, yes, but as of 2017, the American Standards are dead. A Fender Strat wouldn't be a Fender Strat without the non-locking tremolo design that turned the world on its ear in the early 1950s. The resulting instrument, the American Professional II Stratocaster, features a number of improvements and upgrades … With the American Professional Stratocaster, all three single-coil pickups vary, with a blend of alnico II and III for the bridge, alnico II and V for the middle and alnico V for the bridge. The Fender American Performer Stratocaster guitars replace the American Special and include a selection of all-new appointments such as Yosemite single-coil pickups, a push-pull pot to activate the neck/bridge pickup, Greasebucket tone circuitry and new Classicgear tuning machines for … They are both great guitars with some slight differences. The company regarded 1957 as a benchmark year for the Strat. A popular Fender Reissue Stratocaster was the '57 American Vintage Reissue. AMERICAN PRO HSS STRATOCASTER® 2017 FEATURES: V-Mod/Shawbucker Pickups V-Mod Stratocaster pickups are engineered using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types for the neck and middle pickups. Replay Guitar Exchange is absolutely excited to announce the Fender American Professional II Stratocaster electric guitar, drawing from more than sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the demands of today's working player. “The trick with the Strat is that positions two and four are just as important as positions one, three and five,” Shaw explained. The Player Series of Fender guitars are made in Mexico, with the American Standard (or now the American Professional), being made in the USA. There are nine guitars in the new guitar range: Strat, Tele, Strat HH, Strat HSS, Telecaster Deluxe, Jazzmaster and Jaguar, plus Strat and Tele lefties. Fender American 2-point tremolo. After looking at the spec comparison, you might ask yourself why someone would buy the American Standard version when the specs are pretty similar, but the American costs over twice as much. The original specifications were used, with three 57/62 pickups, aged pickup covers and knobs, a tinted 7.25 radius, 21 fret maple neck, an ashtray bridge cover, and three position switch (with five-position switch kit included). After the wild success of the original American Professional Stratocaster, Fender's team of designers dedicated themselves to improving on the design. This American Professional Stratocaster boasts an updated take on that design that meets the needs of today's players. Long live the all-new American Professional series. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51500000030466 site51500000000024281 New J46217 Fender American Professional Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar site51500000030466,site51500000030469,site51500000030470 false Each pickup is voiced specifically for its position, creating high-output tone with vintage warmth and the crisp, clear sound that made Fender a legend.