Steamed broccoli is another healthy vegetable you can feed your child. Introducing finger foods to your baby can be a bit of a challenge for parents. I am looking for some snack ideas for my one year old. Before I wrote this post, I tested all these recipes on my one year old who had just turned one. Your child may have few front teeth now, can chew some foods. Snack and Food for 1 Year Old Without Many Teeth. Cucumber. asks from Keokuk, IA on September 27, 2010 13 answers. One of the best foods for your 1-year-old baby is cucumber. 1. Cucumbers can help prevent dehydration and cool down their body . Foods for toothless babies need to be soft and small enough to avoid danger if swallowed whole. 15 Healthy Finger Foods for a Baby Without Teeth. Of course they can! Here are 10 simple finger food meals for a one year old that you can try right away! 2. Updated on September 28, 2010 S.P. They need to be ready for all the mess, allergies or even choking hazards once your baby starts eating finger food. These 50+ foods are great for little ones even if they have few or no teeth. But it is still a good idea to mash or cut into small pieces (1/2 inch or less) while giving the meat or any hard foods if it is tough to chew. He had probably 3 teeth at the time, and I always cut his food into pretty small pieces. ... A practical list of 10 tips for feeding a one-year-old that I gleaned partly from experience, partly from … Half of a chicken and cheese sandwich on whole wheat toast, plain greek yogurt with honey and strawberries, with cooked carrots. Eggs, potatoes, cheese, avocado, and peaches. Children who are 1 year old love to feed themselves, so finger foods work best for serving this age group. Jun 22, 2017 - A baby with few teeth can't have finger foods, can they? This hydrating vegetable can be cut lengthwise, for your baby's ease. So, does that mean finger foods are not ideal for babies without any teeth? Offer a variety of food each day. Now your child is one year, she can drink cows milk. Children without teeth have to gum their food, so serving hard treats which need to be broken down before being swallowed can cause choking. I don’t overly salt or spice my food, but if you think you do, maybe wait to … Broccoli.