TDAPharm from Massachusetts on May 07, 2012: I like the hub, these are always interesting subjects! The increase in radiation your body receives during an x-ray is equivalent to the extra radiation you are exposed to during a trans-atlantic flight. I so agree with you - and not just science but all education, maybe even life itself! 62) What are invertebrates? Voted UP! Thanks for the extra wrinkles in my brain! This is awesome and very interesting. Brilliant. An x-ray is a form of high energy radiation with a wavelength about 10,000 times shorter than that of visible light. Educational articles, drawings, experiments & PowerPo, Irritation of the phrenic nerve (the nerve that controls the diaphragm). You clearly have a great gift for communicating biological concepts and processes. Which is the only bone in the skull that is not joined to another by sutures? That is fantastic! With less blood flowing near to your skin, less heat is lost to the surroundings and you stay warmer for longer. The reason we associate a rumbling tummy with hunger is that the rumbling is louder the less food is present in the intestine. We shall investigate some of the pressing questions of our age: As time goes on, each topic will gain a link to a hub that expands on the topic in much greater depth. Answer: They are a division of the animals which have no vertebral column. There are actually over 100 physiological causes for a hiccup! Each group of painkiller is comprised of numerous sub-types, each with slightly different modes of action. Rhys Baker (author) from Peterborough, UK on May 06, 2012: @Melovy and Horatio: I'm very glad you enjoyed it :). Dizziness is caused when the brain receives conflicting signals from different sensors. There is no evidence that diet affects acne, as it is caused by the presence of testosterone. The most common reasons are: X-rays pass through our flesh and organs. This can allow certain pain relief medicines to be combined safely. Just one additional question you might add..why do we get a back freeze? Teaching Biology, you come across some great tricky science questions - Why is the Sky Blue? High praise indeed :) I'm glad you found my hub interesting and engaging. How can a substance introduced into the blood so quickly have effects so far away? Thanks for the share - hopefully your followers will enjoy it just as much :). The intricate twists and turns of the small intestine are what amplify the sound. Are there any parts of the human body that get oxygen directly from the air and not from the blood? are two of the most common. I'm sharing this and voted up! This quiz does not take itself very seriously -- each question has one answer intended to be humorous. This can cause mutation, or even cancer, if the dose is high enough. Energy losses between trophic levels restrict the length of food chains and the biomass of higher trophic levels, energy losses, restrict the length of food chains, restrict length food chains,... Read More. very informative, and easy to understand. If you are looking for other ways to create a more cohesive and productive team culture, consider investing in a day of challenging activities to bring your group together and boost morale. Biology Questions. 20 biology quiz questions and answers for your home pub quiz. :). Gotta love it when the ads sync up that well :). When you swallow, the cold goes away and the same blood vessels rapidly dilate back to their original size. These highly specialised cells exhibit a number of adaptations to help them do their job: It should be obvious that neurons do not work in isolation - many are needed to transmit a signal to its destination. There are two main types of painkillers that are commonly used: the 'aspirin medicines' and the 'narcotic medicines.'. Biology Teaching & Learning Resources. When I was young, I used to daydream my way through biology class. Just one thing, I would not throw paracetamol/acetaminophen under aspirin. If I have piqued your interest about even one facet of biology, I have done my job. When you get cold, your body undergoes a series of changes designed to prevent heat loss. A rumbling tummy is a combination of liquid and gas plus a small space. I like your questions. Videosbym Answered: Nov 25, 2020. I love this kind of stuff. Available Formats. This quiz has been selected as an Editor's Choice! There are a good amount of riddles here for children and for hardcore science enthusiasts. Wow! But what sets them off? Great Hub. When something really cold hits the back of your mouth, the blood vesselts in your palate rapidly constrict. Answer: The word animal comes from Latin, meaning breath or soul. Biology Questions. Excellent info for kids of all ages. Thomas Haslwanter, CC-BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons. Fish must maintain a 'countercurrent system of flow' as diffusion only works if there is less oxygen in the blood than there is in the water. In molecular biology, what term refers to the structure formed by double-stranded molecules of nucleic acids such as DNA? Good luck! 61) What is an animal? they give out perfict information may god bless you all im already about to ccatch the holy ghost. The theory behind this physiological response is twofold: Firstly, air is a poor conductor of heat. The brain accepts both signals as true and so decides that the head is spinning, whilst the body is stationary. We shall investigate some of the pressing questions of our age: I'm glad you enjoyed it Mmargie! General Biology is subject of natural science deals with study of life, living organisms that includes their cells structure, function, growth, evolution, taxonomy. You make me want to learn more about how our bodies work. This also explains why teens and pregnant women develop acne - both sets of people are subject to hormone imbalances. Do you know why people see double. Trivia questions are a good way to not only assess the existing knowledge of kids but also to provide them with new information. The vestibular system is an intricate network of fluid-filled channels found in our inner ear and is responsible for our perception of gravity and motion. If some of these dead skin cells happens to block a pore, sebum can build up inside the hair follicle. Biology Questions and Answers (Q&A) Follow . and Why does Helium Make your Voice go Funny? Some species reach up to 39 meters in height. Gills operate a countercurrent blood flow system to maximise diffusion. Have you ever wondered why DNA is twisted or why some sounds make your skin crawl? Answer: They are a division of the animals which have no vertebral column. They are the information highway of our bodies and work in a similar way to an electric circuit. It includes mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, frogs, clams, lobsters, insects, worms, and jelly-fish. I will be back to read more of your writings. But biology is much wider than merely the study of small things. Great hub! I give time on science as much as I could do too. 61) What is an animal? However,again, good hub and I like the brain freeze part! Rhys Baker (author) from Peterborough, UK on May 12, 2012: @Robin: That's great! People try their best to solve the riddles and don’t want to give up till they get tired of guessing. Biology Quiz Questions Animal Kingdom – Biology Questions 61-90 . Nettlemere from Burnley, Lancashire, UK on May 05, 2012: That's a great hub - really easy to understand, but packed with solid information. When the air we swallow whilst eating ends up in the small intestine, it can result in a rumble. Food does not move down our digestive system by gravity - if that were the case, astronauts would not survive in space. I will be reading this one to our third grader as she is always asking these sorts of questions! The pain is caused by a misinterpretation of this constriction/dilation by the trigeminal nerve - a major facial nerve that is positioned very close to your palate. The quintessential piece of biology equipment - the microscope. Whether you are male or female, spots, pimples, and acne are all down to a sensitivity to the hormone testosterone. What is the human body's largest organ? The danger with x-rays is that they can knock electrons away from atoms, creating ions; this is why x-rays are called 'ionising radiation'. Robin Edmondson from San Francisco on May 09, 2012: I love all of your science Hubs; I'm a huge fan. This results in the negative image seen here, Nevit Dilman, CC-BY-SA, via Wikimedia Commons. By dr_VITZ. Biology riddles are wondrous tools for education and fun. Wonderful!! What is the human body's largest organ? Trivia questions are a good way to not only assess the existing knowledge of kids but also to provide them with new information. This is why we get goosebumps when scared. on May 06, 2012: Gosh. Water moves into the mouth and flows over and through the gills. BEST OF LUCK. When cold our ancestors would fluff up their fur, trapping air and reducing heatloss. It was my favorite subject in high school, while geology was my favorite in college.