selection of Bussmann® series fuses and fuse blocks to meet precise overcurrent protection needs. Fuse type: Indicating: A fuse with a visual or trigger feature that allows for easy identification of a blown fuse. When buying a replacement fuse, you need to be able to correctly identify the fuse.Generally the manufacturer's brand name and the actual part number should be enough to identify the right fuse. Fenton glass ranges from bright pieces to twisting spiral collectibles. Bussmann is headquartered outside of St. Louis, MO and manufactures and markets circuit protection products globally and is by far the market leader in terms of products and innovation. Fuse type: In Line: A glass body, 300 volt AC rated fuse that is designed to protect flourescent lighting fixtures. Glass/Ceramic Substrate Multiple Fuse Elements Substrate Material Single Fuse Element Multi-layer Design Single-layer Glass Coated Design Glass Coating Figure1 Figure2 Fault Zones Multi-layer Design Single-layer Glass Coated Design Wire-In-AirDesignfor2410SFVFuses The2410(6125)isaWire-In-AirSMDFusewhichisverysuitable 9 … Pieces produced before 1973 were marked with stick-on labels that likely tore away, making it … fuses and fuse blocks to meet your overcurrent protection needs. Unfortunately, this information is not always provided on the fuse, so this guide will help you to interpret the information that you might find on the fuse. Items made from 1973 onward are distinguished by an oval-shaped Fenton raised logo. However many Lucas fuse holders permit the longer U.S. version to be installed easily. FUSE Selection GUIDE About Bussmann Fuses. The Lucas 1/4" diameter glass tube fuse have a different length as compared to the standard US item. Bussmann Fuses products are manufactured by Eaton Corporation. A very fast acting, current limiting Class J fuse the offers the low I²t values of a semiconductor fuse. Whether it’s glass tube, low voltage or high speed fuses or fuse blocks needed for an application, you can use this FuseFinder quick cross reference guide to find … The Lucas 1/4" diameter glass tube fuse is 1 and 5/32" [≈29.4 mm] long, while the US standard 1/4" glass tube fuse is 1 and 1/4" [≈32.0 mm] long. Buss Fuse Selection Chart (600 Volts or Less) Circuit Load Ampere Fuse Symbol Voltage Interrupting Remarks Rating Type Rating (a-c) Class Rating Page (KA) Conventional Dimensions—Class RK1, RK5 (0-600A), L (601-6000A) All type loads 0-600A LOW-PEAK® LPN-RK_SP 250V RK1†† 300 All-purpose fuses. If you need to find a replacement to another manufacturer’s glass tube, low voltage branch or supplementary or high speed fuse, or fuse block or holder, use this quick cross reference FuseFinder to identify the Bussmann series replacement.