A minor scale never has a major third. Phew! The scale of many names! References: The app below allows you to create scale charts of Harmonic Major scales in all keys in the tuning of your choice. The Harmonic Major Scale is probably the least know of the 4 main heptatonic scales (Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Harmonic Major). Major Scale formula: 1 w 2 w 3 h 4 w 5 w 6 w 7 h 1 Here it is on the guitar: Mike Georgia. A major scale always has a natural third (or major third). Firstly, the Ab to B jump creates an interval that doesn’t appear in any naturally occurring scales. It also means your dominant chord is a major chord, and it creates a leading tone that leads directly into the C tonic. Hit "Go" to see the result. The harmonic minor scale is one of several minor guitar scales that can be used in improvisation. Important: The fretboard is shown with the lowest pitch string at the bottom and the highest pitch string at the top (unless you've tuned your instrument differently.) Actually, most scales are referred to by several names. It depends on the country, tradition or style of music. Select a tuning (default is standard tuning) then select a key. The harmonic minor scale is derivative of the minor scale where the seventh scale degree is raised by a half step. It has the unusual feature of two augmented second intervals; these, together with the half-step gap between its first and second notes, give the scale an exotic, Eastern sound. Today we'll check out the Byzantine/Hijazkiar/double harmonic major scale. The Harmonic Major scale generator. JavaScript enabled in your browser is required for the app to function properly. Jan 31, 2019. Scale diagrams can also be labeled with either letters or scale degrees. 4 of 16 Here are some common scale formulas. The harmonic minor scale is so named because, particularly in baroque and classical times, it was this scale, rather than (for example) a natural minor or melodic minor scale, which would have been used to harmonise music in a minor key. Just as the major pentatonic scale contains 5 notes from the major scale, the minor pentatonic scale contains 5 notes from the minor scale, leaving out the 2nd and 6th notes respectively. The minor pentatonic can be heard throughout rock and blues and for most guitarists is the most common scale they will use. Switch to: 7 string guitar 6 string guitar Bass Guitar Show me chords that sound good with a C Harmonic Major scale. The double harmonic scale goes by several other names, including the Arabic scale, Gypsy scale and Byzantine scale. The B natural at the very end of the harmonic scale gives the scale its distinctive tone. As we’ve done with the other scales listed above, in this article we’ll look into the chords of the Harmonic Major Scale! ... Blues Guitar Lessons 101: Learn About Blues Guitar Playing Techniques and History.