Answer: As a noun, honor in the Bible means “esteem, value, or great respect.” To honor someone is to value him highly or bestow value upon him. As a participant in the church, the believer is also called to honor Jesus Christ, the head of the church ( John 5:23 ), fellow believers ( Rom 12:10 ), and widows ( 1 Tim 5:3 ). HON'ORABLENESS, noun The state of being honorable; eminence; distinction. Psalms 104:1. 1. An assumed appearance of nobleness; scorn of meanness, springing from the fear of reproach, without regard to principle; as, shall I violate my trust? Court of honor a court of chivalry; a court of civil and criminal jurisdiction, having power to redress injuries of honor and to hold pleas respecting matters of arms and deeds of war. 2. The members of the house of lords in Great Britain are not under oath, but give their opinions on their honor. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. Conferring honor, or procured by noble deeds; as honorable wounds. The Bible is incredibly clear on this one. The believer is to honor God, for he is the sovereign head of the universe and his character is unsurpassed. Honor. According to the thesaurus, honor has these synonyms: "esteem, respect, pay homage to, assigning value to." A testimony of esteem; any expression of respect or of high estimation by words or actions; as the honors of war; military honors; funeral honors; civil honors. Dignity; exalted rank or place; distinction. The Greek word translated "honor" in our English Bibles, timao, means "to prize, i.e. God the Father has bestowed honor on his Son, Jesus Christ ( John 5:23 ). HON'ORER, noun One that honors; one that reveres, reverences or regards with respect. How to use honor in a sentence. I will be honored upon Pharaoh, and upon all his host. 3. These terms are generally used with reference to the honor granted fellow human beings, though in some cases they are used to describe the honor a person grants God. Entry for 'Honor' - King James Dictionary - One of 28 Bible dictionaries freely available, this dictionary explains the meaning of more than 6,500 words whose definitions have changed since 1611 The original Greek word for honor means worth or value, but in a very literal sense. Laws of honor among persons of fashion, signify certain rules by which their social intercourse is regulated, and which are founded on a regard to reputation. 3. Many of them believed; also of honorable women who were Greeks--not a few. 5. Acts 17:1. A prophet is not without honor except in his own country. God the Father, for example, is honored when people do the things that please him ( 1 Cor 6:20 ). HON'OR, noun on'or. Salem Media Group. 5. Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. The sire then shook the honors of his head. 4. He is an honorable man. The positions of authority in those spheres are to receive honor implicitly. 2. Consistent with honor or reputation. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Entry for 'Honor' - King James Dictionary - One of 28 Bible dictionaries freely available, this dictionary explains the meaning of more than 6,500 words whose definitions have changed since 1611 True nobleness of mind; magnanimity; dignified respect for character, springing from probity, principle or moral rectitude; a distinguishing trait in the character of good men. I have given thee riches and honor 1 Kings 3:1. But we are still to love them (Matthew 5:44-47). Honor was a culturally constructed evaluation of a person’s actions, which determined a person’s worth, as in their price, or value to the community. Honor thy father and thy mother. David F. Watson has written: 'Honor among Christians' -- subject(s): Criticism, interpretation, Bible, Honor, Biblical teaching What is the definition of cannanites? In both Ancient and Christian terms, however, honor was seen differently. Thou art clothed with honor and majesty. Compiled & Edited by BST & Crosswalk Staff, Compiled & Edited by BibleStudyTools Staff, Bible Dictionaries - Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology - Honor, Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. 3. HON'ORLESS, adjective Destitute of honor; not honored. That all men should honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. Social term describing how people within a society evaluate one another. Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honor Esther 6:1. Possessing a high mind; actuated by principles of honor, or a scrupulous regard to probity, rectitude or reputation. Honour, King James Bible Dictionary. 1. The Bible says that there are several different groups we should honor. Honor is a topic that we find discussed throughout the entire Bible, and it is of great importance to God and our walk with Him. The esteem due or paid to worth; high estimation. In doing a good thing, there is both honor and pleasure. HON'ORABLE, adjective [Latin honorabilis.]. So Jesus decided to tell the Parable of Honor at the Banquet to show them how important humility is in the kingdom of God. That which honors; he or that which confers dignity; as, the chancellor is an honor to his profession. The believer is to honor those in positions of earthly authority, such as governing authorities ( Rom 13:1-7 ), masters ( 1 Tim 6:1 ), and parents ( Exod 20:12 ). HON'ORED, participle passive Respected; revered; reverenced; elevated to rank or office; dignified; exalted; glorified; accepted and paid, as a bill of exchange. Teacher Note: The behavior of the banquet guests in this parable seems to show that a “good” seat at the table didn’t just reflect social standing, but might actually create it. The source of all honor is God on the basis of his position as sovereign Creator and of his character as a loving Father. HON'ORING, participle present tense Respecting highly; reverencing; exalting; dignifying; conferring marks of esteem; accepting and paying, as a bill. The Bible exhorts us to express honor and esteem toward certain people: our parents, the aged, and those in authority (Ephesians 6:2; Leviticus 19:32; Romans 13:1). Honor Bible Verses. The granting of honor to others is an essential experience in the believer's life. Matthew 13:1. Then here a slave, or if you will, a lord. In commerce, to accept and pay when due; as, to honor a bill of exchange. 1. HON'ORARY, adjective Conferring honor, or intended merely to confer honor; as an honorary degree; an honorary crown. 1. Becoming men of rank and character, or suited to support men in a station of dignity; as an honorable salary. The fifth commandment says “ Honor … 1. 2. Performed or accompanied with marks of honor, or with testimonies of esteem; as an honorable burial. 6. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. 11. [Latin honor honos.]. The figurative meaning, however, is far more common: "to give weight to someone." Let’s read together in Luke 14:7-11. [Latin honor honos.]. Bible verses about Honor. Forbid it, honor. Social term describing how people within a society evaluate one another.