Smoke at 140 F for 1 hour, then at 160 F for one hour and then 180 F until internal temperature reaches 152 F (insert a food thermometer in the thickest part of the sausage to check internal temperature). The rest of sausage smoking can be broken down into several easy steps. I smoke at low temperatures and keep slowly bumping up the temps 10-20 degrees at a time until the smoker reaches 175. Then I just wait until the sausage IT gets to 152-155. If you try to smoke at any higher temperatures, the fat content in your sausage will start to melt and ooze out of the casing. If you are smoking previously smoked rope of homemade sausages, for example, you need to thaw them for a while if they came from the refrigerator. For how to prepare the sausage for the smoker, Click Here. Keep the temperature inside the sausage smoker between 160 and 165 degrees F.Max. You can smoke them at 200°F. Homemade venison smoked sausage directions. Click on these links to get full instruction. Fat is important. Remove from smoker/smokehouse and spray with hot water for 15 to 30 seconds. This post shares tips from a meat scientist about how to make smoked beef Now I am onto making homemade smoked sausage. … It can take 8-14 hours for a smoker full of summer sausage. Since my family origin is from the Ukraine, I had to make kielbasa first. The sausage you smoke can either be bought from a store, or made at home with raw ingredients according to your recipe of choice. I smoke longer because I like the smoke and it eventually soaks into the sausage. Not only does it add to the flavor of your sausage, it acts as a binding agent. It's easy to avoid, so don't take the chance. If you smoke uncured sausage you create the very real risk of encouraging the development of botulism (nasty stuff). Step 1 Hang cured kielbasa and let dry for an hour. Since I got the smoker in the spring I have smoked ribs, shoulder, tenderloin, chicken wings, whole chicken and sausage. In the end I split the sausage into 2 batches and made both kielbasa and andouille at the same time. Within 60 to 90 minutes, the internal temperature of the sausages will reach 160°F. Stuff prepared sausage into 3-inch diameter fibrous casings.