I particularly enjoy amaranth in soups and stews, where it gives the meal a nutty, earthy flavor. If you put too much amaranth in there, some will burn or pop and some won't. I've read some people like to add it to their bread dough. 4. Spoon over cold cereal with milk, or a hot cereal such as oatmeal. Sprinkle popped amaranth on cereal. In India and Sri Lanka, amaranth greens are added to stir-fry dishes and curries. Combine amaranth with cereal toppings. Add just enough amaranth to barely cover the bottom of the pot with a single layer. • Combined with other grains. Amaranth is “immortal”, so, they can last for a very very long time. How to: Popped Amaranth [yields ~2 cups – my typical serving size] [nutrition data info] 6 Tbsp raw amaranth ; Heat a small/medium pot over med-high/high heat. Amaranth is teeny tiny but when popped it’s about the size of quinoa. The leaves can also be cooked and eaten like spinach or kale. You can use them like breadcrumbs and sprinkle them on top of steamed cauliflower or salad. Add sweetness, if desired. For sweetness, try cinnamon, honey, coconut, and/or dried fruit. Popped amaranth can be used as an add-in to homemade granola or as a crunchy topping for salads. • Added to soups and stews. Other ideas to use popped amaranth: It is a fabulous base for granola. Experiment with adding amaranth to various foods. My personal preference is to use them within 6 months of opening the packet. If it instantly balls up, dances around in the pot, and evaporates you’re good to go. Popped Amaranth seeds can be eaten as a snack or placed into a bowl with milk and consumed like cereal. Use a ratio of 1/4 cup amaranth to 3/4 cup other grain and cook as usual. I just love the texture! Try a scoop of nut butter or roasted nuts over your cereal, topped with popped amaranth. Just add 1/8 – 1/4 cup to any soup recipe. 3. Boil the chopped stems and – or leaves from Amaranth plants for roughly 10 minutes. Another important step not to be missed. Amaranth Preparation Tips Boiling. When cooked with another grain, such as brown rice, amaranth doesn’t overwhelm with its sticky consistency but adds a nutty sweetness. Amaranth doesn’t go bad, but, I live in Florida where I see flour bugs (weevils) quite often. We’ve also heard that popped amaranth can be used to bread tofu or meat but haven’t given it a try yet. Drain away the water, top the plant parts with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, butter, and your favorite blend of spices and enjoy. I highly recommend popped amaranth granola. So, I like to use all dry ingredients as soon as I can. I would never have thought to try amaranth had I not been looking for alternatives to quinoa, rice, and potatoes for Michael. For me, I use about a teaspoon of amaranth for a medium sized soup pot. Popped amaranth can be eaten itself plain or with toppings, and can be incorporated into loads of other foods, like energy balls and granola bars. You can see the different of the raw amaranth and popped amaranth above. After it pops, it turns into a little white and tan puff and is so much fun to eat. Test if the pot is hot enough by adding a drop of water. Sprouting. All of the amaranth needs to be touching the hot surface at once.