The initiatives above are based on the Ministry of Education COVID-19 response plan. With regards to equity, the government will adopt this competency-based assessment for students with special needs and disabilities. Progress and Completion in Education . Baroness Sugg, UK, Ruth Kagia, Kenya, and Alice Albright, GPE, co-author this piece on the reasons why schooling can be transformative and its effects span generations, especially for girls. The vision of the basic education curriculum reforms is to enable every Kenyan to become an engaged, … Kenya’s local education group is called Education Development Partners Coordination Group, a highly representative stakeholder forum set up to support the ministry of Education in the successful implementation of the 2013–2018 education plan. The plan builds on the successes and challenges of the 2013-2018 plan. I work in journalism / media Education, 21st century skills and COVID-19 at the Dutch Youth@Heart forum, Opinion: We cannot fail the world's children, UK and Kenya to host major education summit in 2021. The United Kingdom and Kenya will co-host a high-level summit next year to lead global action to educate every child. Primary education is free in Kenya, however fees are charged for secondary education. The US$9.7 million additional financing will support the Government of Kenya to consolidate the gains in basic mathematics competency to further strengthen children’s foundational numeracy skills. All rights reserved. © 2020 Global Partnership for Education. The graphs below show overall progress in the education sector in Kenya, and GPE data shows the country progress on 16 indicators monitored in the GPE Results Framework. The charity continues its links (via CEPARD) with a number of primary schools in the Alara area. Kenya: Investing in education for a better future, Ministry of Education COVID-19 response plan. Data on education are compiled by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics from official responses to surveys and from reports provided by education authorities in each country. The CMS missionaries interacted with locals in the coastal town of Mombasa and set up one of the earliest mission schools in the country at Rabai in 1846. I work for a research organization We provide schools in the UK with partner schools in the Alara area. Click on the map to browse videos and stories highlighting GPE results. Built a further classroom at Kombe Primary School, Provided resources for six Primary Schools, Supported the salaries for teachers at Kombe Primary School, Supported Alara Secondary School’s fundraising event to build a brick classroom, Supported IT usage in the six Primary Schools by providing dongles and laptops, Set up a rotating library book scheme for the six Primary Schools. The US$88.4 million GPE grant aims to improve early grade mathematics competency and strengthen management systems at school and national levels. Basic education model of the new curriculum 2-6-6-3 system in Kenya/Photo Why Curriculum reform in Kenya. To improve learning outcomes the government will establish and roll out of a competency-based assessment for early education. Other. On November 2, GPE joined partners from the African Union, ONE campaign, Kenyan Ministry of Education, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Microsoft for the Youth At Heart forum. Kenya’s education sector plan for 2018-2022 is a sector-wide plan that outlines the policy priorities along with programs and strategies for the education sector over the next five years. The additional financing focuses on four components: The US$9.7 million grant will support the implementation of policies and or actions to reinforce equity, quality and efficiency in learning outcomes. I work for an international organization Education system Kenya | Nuffic | 1st edition, October 2012 | version 2, January 2015 2 . For UK schools, the link can have direct benefits in teaching topics such as RRR, geography and cultural diversity. Our goal is to improve access to both primary and secondary education for all children in the area. I work for a government agency Improve early grade mathematics competency and strengthen management systems at school and national levels. GPE has also provided the Elimu Yetu Coalition (EYC) with a grant from the Civil Society Education Fund, to support its engagement in education sector policy dialogue and citizens’ voice in education quality, equity, and financing and sector reform. I work for a civil society organization Historical records not only from the travels of Johann Ludwig Krapf and Johannes Rebmann reveal that Kenyans had access to education as far back as 1728 with a Swahili manuscript Utendi wa Tambuka (Book of Heraclius) attesting to the fact. Copyright 2016 © Kenya | We are a registered charity 1143412. NOTE: The new system is gradually being rolled out and therefore the old system of education (8-4-4) is still in use from Class 5 (Grade 5) to University level (As at August 2020). Our goal is to improve access to both primary and secondary education for all children in the area.