Lacks metal embellishments, but that only adds to its versatility as it makes the piece easy to match rooms with gold, copper, or silver accents. While their versatility makes them incredibly popular, especially if you entertain a lot in the room, you might find some sections look out of place when moved away from their original locations. This is actually one of the lowest qualities of leather, made from gluing together layers of low-quality leather. Given its shape, it’s easier to fit through small doorways and tight staircases than other sectionals. Ultra-padded head rests. Sofa-chaise lounge: These usually consist of a traditional three- or four-seat sofa with one or two chaise lounges at the sides. In these, certain sections can be rearranged or broken away from the main sofa, namely end seats, chaise lounges, and ottomans. 99 You can also use the hose attachment on your vacuum to clean between the cushions. Leather Sectional Sofa with 2 Power Reclining Chairs, Power Headrests and Console with USB Power Outlet $8,004.00 Sale $5,799.00 Measure your room. Some leather sectionals are outfitted with hidden compartments in the armrests. Whether you’re outfitting a rustic lodge or an upscale estate, leather sectional furniture can be the perfect fit. One is also ideal if the living room is your main entertaining space, because its comfortable design is nothing short of inviting to guests. Since it’s more expensive, plus more challenging to work with, you won’t find it as a choice for sectionals very often unless you’re shelling out big bucks for a designer or custom piece. Seats just three people comfortably, so seating options are as limited as a regular couch. Leather sectionals are some of the largest pieces of furniture around, which is why it’s important to make sure you have enough room for one. It’s also common to see chaise lounges in L- and U-shaped sectionals. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. Designed with a no-sag frame. In some cases, you’ll get free delivery, but it’s not unusual to pay a modest fee for it. Another option is to donate your sofa to a local charity. Armrests are narrow and angular, which means you may need to soften them with cushions to get comfortable. Reclining Leather Sectionals. There are several advantages to owning a leather sectional. Cozy wraparound design with rounded corner and a much smaller footprint than its larger counterpart. Not only do these sofas withstand the test of time, but they’re also elegant, large pieces that complement most living rooms. You’ll find a wide variety, too, ranging from those with stately tufted details to integrated recliners outfitted with cupholders. More Colors Available. Expensive, and color selection doesn’t include black. They resemble modern deluxe movie theater seats, so if you’re a fan of binge-watching, a reclining leather sectional is essential. If you’re covered under a warranty, it may put you in contact with an approved vendor who can repair it. As for the leather itself, make sure you buy the right conditioning and care products. More often than not, these sofas feature two or more reclining seats. Starting At $6888 made in the usa . Some have a sharp 90° corner, which makes them easy to fit into the corner of a room. Q. BestReviews wants to be better. These are ideal for entertaining or intimate gatherings because the design means occupants face one another. While comfortable, the designs and details remain simple. The cushions on leather sectionals can be removable, stitched on, or secured with hook-and-loop strips.