The C930 comes with Dolby Atmos Audio software to enhance its new speakers, which lets you choose customized sound preferences for movies, music, games, and voice. © 2020 Condé Nast. Its powerful internals prevent it from being the thi… Ad Choices, (Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post through. 1. When we envisioned the Yoga C930 Glass' Rotating Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos ® Speaker System, we knew we were raising the bar in laptop audio innovation. I'm still curious to test out the updated Spectre x360 13 and to see if and how Dell updates the XPS 13 convertible in the coming months. I verified the adapter works on my other laptop but it will not work on my Yoga Book C930. The Spectre x360 13 (319.1 MBps, M.2 PCie NVMe SSD) and the Yoga C930 (339.3 MBps, PCIe NVMe SSD) fell behind both C940s, while the category average (541.7 MBps) and the XPS 13 … With a full battery, I streamed video with screen brightness set at 50 percent and got about 5.5 hours. From start to finish, it's clear that this laptop has been designed with care and attention. The active pen stays safely stored in the garage when you're not using it, and the garage charges it, too. Ports The few ports offered by the Yoga C930 are found on its left side. Sound coming from other devices can easily get muffled due to the speaker's placement. This configuration with the RAM at 8 GB costs about $1,500 at Lenovo (there doesn't seem to be any 12 GB RAM configurations available), with models reaching up to about $1,960 if you opt for the 4K display and 1 TB PCIe SSD. Sitting on a desk the beveled edge makes it look thinner than it really is, and the sides are cut to reflect light for a bit of contrast. You still get 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity for a natural-feeling inking experience, but there's not tilt support for shading. The 13.9-inch touchscreen comes in an FHD panel or a 4K panel, and both support Dolby Vision HDR. No matter how you use the laptop — tent, stand, tablet, or notebook — you're going to get clear sound. The space below the keyboard holds a moderately sized trackpad and a fingerprint reader, the latter of which sits underneath the arrow keys at the bottom-right corner of keys. Color is not washed out, and you get a clear and vibrant picture no matter what you're using the laptop for. That's an above-average Wi-Fi score and a killer WebGL score, as all of the top competing devices (Matebook x Pro, XPS 13, Notebook 9 Pen, and others) lasted half that amount of time on the graphics-intensive test at best. 2018-11-27, 4:07 AM I don't have a C930 and you don't say what kind of monitor you have, but the 2 USBC monitors I have … Weighing 3.04 pounds, it's as heavy as other ultrabooks in its size and price range. Used normally, I found that the display wasn't quite bright enough to be clearly seen in a room with streaming sunlight, not helped at all by the glossy finish that causes a lot of glare. Microsoft is working on a software solution that would allow app developers to bring their Android apps to Windows 10 with little to no code changes by packaging them as an MSIX and allowing developers to submit them to the Microsoft Store. After using the Yoga C930 for about a week, I've come away with the same feeling I had when using the Yoga 920. Even without the watchband hinge, it flexes easily into tablet mode. The Yoga C930 very much sticks to tradition, but the Yoga Book C930 … Like most convertibles, last year's C920 didn't have a good way to keep its active pen in check. Our review unit of the Yoga C930 2-in-1 runs on a Core i7-8550U processor, Intel HD Graphics 620, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of PCIe SSD. Lenovo supplied Windows Central with a review unit of the 14-inch Yoga C930. Here, all ports of located on the left side of the laptop. Black Friday deals from $10: Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now. Its two side buttons also come in handy, too, giving you quick access to erasers, right-click menus, and more (depending on the program you're using). Since HDR on portable PCs isn't quite the same as HDR on TVs, users will likely notice the audio improvements (particularly those they choose to edit and customize) more than the visual ones. Lenovo's solution is one of the most clever I've seen that doesn't impede the overall design of the device. It uses Dolby Atmos technology to boost its capability, and it really is a fine speaker, especially for an Ultrabook. Lenovo estimates the Yoga C930 convertible will last between nine and 14 hours on a single charge, and our testing proved that to be true. It's not the slimmest bezel on the market and the top and bottom aren't the same widths as the sides, but I didn't really notice once I'd used it for a day. Instead of the "Yoga" moniker denoting only convertibles and flexible PCs, Lenovo will now use the name on all of its premium consumer devices. The front and back of the hinge have standard speaker holes and sound does come out of both sides. The Yoga C930 demands a relatively high price, so you expect a premium feel and look. The pen itself isn't my favorite—it's short and quite thin, making it difficult to hold and nothing like holding a regular pen or pencil. But hidden in the back corner of the C930, diagonal to the power button on its top-right corner, is a garage that holds the active pen. Although, I think its convertible design and the Dolby audio profiles do more for the device than the HDR features. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. During everyday use, the C930 stayed cool and if the fan came on at all I didn't hear it. The Yoga C930's chassis and lid resembles that of the C920—all metal rectangles wearing a satin finish, the lid's top-left corner stamped with a shiny Yoga label. But the Yoga C930 targets those who are considering a Spectre, an XPS, or a premium Samsung convertible. It runs on a Core i7 Kaby Lake R processor and Intel HD Graphics 620. When looking down at the keyboard and trackpad, the chassis looks pretty standard. Gone is the watchband hinge that was a key feature of previous Yoga 9-series Ultrabooks, replaced with a unique dual hinge system that has one large soundbar and another smaller hinge. The active pen is almost always accessible, too, only blocked by the lid when it's at a specific angle. The Yoga C930's touchpad uses Microsoft's Precision drivers so that you can use the full range of Windows 10 gestures. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Ars Technica Addendum (effective 8/21/2018). Its powerful internals prevent it from being the thinnest or the lightest, but it strikes a good balance of style, lightness, and performance. The uninterrupted iron gray finish on our review unit is quite attractive. Lenovo is making some changes to its premium lineup—though only diehard fans (and a tech reporter) may notice. It's a standard six-row setup with your usual F-key functions for brightness, volume (there's no physical volume rocker when using the laptop in tablet mode), and touchpad toggle, and you get three levels of backlight for help working in dark environments.