If you are unable to donate yourself, please consider sharing our campaign to anyone you think may be able to help. At this time of unprecedented lockdown, perhaps we can also recognise other people’s situations and cut a little slack; in my experience, most people try to do their best most of the time and often have their own challenges and difficulties ‘behind the scenes’. 48,868 likes and 1,075 dislikes are registered. Our two boys are both married with young children - one couple, in Bristol, are expecting a second baby in June. Demeaning, I left CLC in the summer of 2012 and never expected to be coming back to work here. Working ‘from home’ is both empowering (you are your own boss in your own space) and potentially isolating (you lose the camaraderie and buzz of an office environment if you enjoy that, and can feel lonely). As the weeks and months of my new world evolved with client engagements, external meetings, travel, pitches for business and lecturing opportunities, I created a pattern which worked well for my clients and myself: ‘external’ meetings from Mondays to Thursdays, office days on Fridays. Moore. When starting my consultancy, I wanted work to feel like work and have the discipline of an office environment. ROH Hallelujah! program. We planned to cycle a route of 50km each on the first day, which would amount to 100km, but after getting lost in Greenwich, a broken-down bike and consequently having to run part of the journey when we reached East London, as well as having to climb over a COVID testing unit with our bikes, we finally made it to Putney where we finished, and cycled over 120km combined. These girls made me excited to meet the new Cambray girls, and they have not disappointed! I worked in the quarantine house for the two weeks preceding the start of the September term, alongside the events team and some very diligent house staff, two from within the Cambray team. Thursday 30th April 2020 is a date that I will always fondly remember. Choir! 6:26. The weather really was terrible! We are lucky to have this occupation, but it is one that will suffer. In true military fashion, we arrived at our meeting point 5 minutes early so were able to slow down and get ourselves into a close formation ready to overfly Capt. LSN commenting is not for frequent personal blogging, on-going debates or theological or other disputes It was heart warming to see all the food court people mesmerized by such a spectacular performance. As a newly graduated doctor, I desperately wanted to help the frontline NHS workers who are working tireless to protect us all during this pandemic. CAPTAIN TOM MOORE'S 100TH BIRTHDAY FLYPAST, https://parabolaarts.cheltladiescollege.org, Privacy notice, legal notices & cookie policy. In my corporate life, work and home were intertwined but I did at least leave home every day for a busy, professional office environment. remove comments. I've sung both the Soprano and Alto parts during different times of my life (I was a contralto when I was younger, but my voice got higher later on). All of us will be reacting to it in different ways. We then had to send our recordings in so that the Royal Albert Hall technical team could put them all together. Following are some of the more notable comments: “I`m not a religious person, but I found this video to be beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes, well done!”, “Wow, that was very powerful performance. Both events will be livestreamed on Facebook for global audiences to enjoy free, and will also be available on YouTube, where they will remain afterwards – see below for the relevant links. Capitalized Report. Words of hope from a Manchester student in lockdown. Getting our stuff out on social media, either as individuals or as part of our communities, will hopefully keep spirits up and keep us together and comforted. C-19 lockdown musical interlude. THANK YOU!! Handel’s ‘Hallelujah Chorus’, from Royal Choral Society This special performance sees 82 members of the Royal Choral Society singing from their own homes as conductor Richard Cooke joins from his garden, and Richard Pearce – regular organist for the Last Night of the Proms – … !”, christmas, We thought this to be a very important cause to donate for during the lockdown period as vulnerable people are staying at home with abusive partners, and as a result, the rate of domestic violence has soared since the start of lockdown. Tom is a real old-school hero during this particularly difficult time and it has been a real privilege to show him our appreciation by taking part in his birthday celebrations. Many of us work in isolation as artists. At the start of each day, I went into ‘work mind-set’, dressed as I would when going ‘out’ to work, exercised or walked first thing, and kept home life until later in the day. The main issue was coming up with imaginative ways for the girls to have fun, which they seemed to manage after the first few days. Though harder than I initially expected, I am so glad we did it - and cycling has turned out to be a great way to relax and de-stress during this strange period of time, I really recommend it to everyone who is looking for something different to do! 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