A typical recipe for Japanese Eggplant in Japan includes sauteing the vegetable in sesame oil with onions and soy sauce, and serving it atop a bed of white rice. There is even more – enjoy these 20 vegan recipes with eggplant, the purple jewel of vegetables. Rosa Bianca Eggplant . Even though the most common variety is the purple one, they can be of different colors too and vary in sizes. 04 of 07. 1. https://www.thespruceeats.com/asian-eggplant-recipes-695362 Brinjal recipe collection. Japanese eggplant comes in a range of shades of purple, including a deep almost-black purple. You may find that other varieties of comparatively long and skinny eggplant will be labeled as Japanese. I have found that using this recipe, but serving the Eggplant with a hearty, whole grain brown rice instead, makes a wonderful vegetarian dinner. Smoky Eggplant Pasta With Bok Choy and Pea Pesto. Molly Watson. Italian cooks enjoy varieties with long fruit and striking lavender and cream streaks. Brinjals are purple, egg shaped, vegetables that hang from vines and hence the name 'Eggplants'. They are used extensively in almost all parts of the world because of the soft, creamy flesh.