History. Join generations of singer/songwriters who have discovered the magic of a guitar like the Martin D-15M. C. F. Martin was born in 1796 in Markneukirchen, a small town in Germany historically famous for building musical instruments.He came from a long line of cabinet makers and woodworkers.His father, Johann Georg Martin, also built guitars. When he was 12, he began losing voluntary motor control and eventually fell into a vegetative state for three years. In its 175-year history, Martin has set more guitar design trends than can be counted. All-mahogany body provides a rich and full voice. While recuperating, he designed improvements to the boots, with soft leather and air-padded soles made of tyres. The practice of bi-continental production eventually met it's demise and Shenandoah's were produced entirely in Japan their final 3 years from 1994-1996. American company C.F. In an attempt to offer lower priced instruments, Martin's line of Shenandoah guitars were built in Japan and then shipped back to the Martin factory in Nazareth PA for painting and final assembly. The Martin 15 Series D-15M acoustic guitar looks like it came right out of the history books, and delivers a sound for the ages. Martinair is een Nederlandse luchtvaartmaatschappij die op 24 mei 1958 werd opgericht door Martin Schröder en John Block onder de naam Martin's Air Charter.In 1966 werd de naam gewijzigd in 'Martinair Holland'. Martin D-15M Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar at a Glance: All-mahogany body provides a rich and full voice Elegance in simplicity An amazingly comfortable guitar. Martin Pistorius (born 1975) is a South African man who had locked-in syndrome and was unable to move or communicate for 12 years.. Martin created the brand "Sigma" in order to compete with cheaper guitars that were imported from Asia.Sigma released a wide series of acoustic and classical guitars, which initial construction was in Japan by various manufacturers/factories from 1970 through 1983.. Old Martin guitars tend to be worth a great deal of money, and as such, it is important to be able to determine the model and serial number of your guitar in order to correctly ascertain its value. Klaus Märtens was a doctor in the German army during World War II.While on leave in 1945, he injured his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps.He found that his standard-issue army boots were too uncomfortable on his injured foot. History Founding. The major difficulty in this task lies in the fact that Martin has produced hundreds of different guitar models throughout its history, several of which look quite similar to an untrained eye. The company still embraces design techniques introduced many years ago to create their guitars' timeless tone.