Note - This Wiki is for the people who have the ability to NOT lose their attention from content posted in MORE than 144 Characters of TEXT, WARNING - YES, This whole Wiki is a 'Thought Experiment', and YOU are the Test Subjects !!!!! And it would have been imaginative to see some projects like a Robo-Sister with a Mini-Turret in place of its head, or one with 6 legs, just to show that McClendon was trying to figure out what to use all those prematurely-made Robotic-LS parts for. No, the trains AREN'T launched like torpedoes.... Notice that the structure marked as "Tall Building" (seen from several sides in the external views adjacent to the first airlock entrance), when compared to the other interior floor plans, is not really that large (particularly the interior space). A 'Street' Viaduct with Trolleys apparently didn't connect directly to Minervas Den either, but did reach the building cluster indicated immediately to the South West (again not shown on map, but examples of a typical layout can be seen on other maps). Using computer 'languages' (known as Autocodes) which were only starting during this period (and were usually proprietary/limited). That could be offices for the AE, which had been one of the largest industries/employers in Rapture. The old communications lines linking the computing center to the city need to be restored. All that computer paper has to come from somewhere (even with recycling, the fibers eventually wear out). That flooded building interior section (we initial make our way through) with the blasted out walls sure has alot of ocean sediment accumulated in it. There are the kiosks throughout the complex, and they might have their own 'closed' system which had been used as a testing system when McClendon created the control logic for Rapture's Jet Postal before 1956 (several years in development, ontop of time to install the City Wide system). Other Station mechanisms were designed to move as little water as possible during the airlocks pressure transition (why they submerge on a downslope inside the airlock). The MMORPG could do with some of that, even reworking the old original signs (it is something you don't have to be a 3D editing genius to do, and the Toolset could help alot to facilitate --- same for various lighted machinery controls). Of course managers get bigger living cubicles than ordinary staff. But consider : In many of the places we see pipes going into the seabed - which actually should be a bed of gravel filled into the space which needed to be excavated to originally install the pipe. This area's Bathysphere Station (Austen Metro System) in the "Another Tall Building" (south-west corner) upper level (not shown on map), which would allow its cables to clear alot of the clutter nearer the seabed. "Caution Watch Your Step" signs seem luminescent, probably painted with Bioluminescent paint (with built in battery to power OR alcohol-based fuel cells). ). Computers of that time had a mass of internal wiring and sub-assemblies which needed substantial time to be hand constructed and assembled/tested. Perhaps McClendon WAS planning to build some GIANT Robotic Little Sister (which didn't NEED a Big Daddy to accompany it ...) -- If only Sinclair had been able to mention that idea to him earlier. Having the Dock (which HAS to have an Airlock to handle the water pressure differential) on the lowest level of the map means that the Bathysphere's path has to go yet further downwards (and then somehow come up again, unless it can emerge out the side of a slope of the seabed). Many of the transportation data communication lines followed the Train system, using its structure to bridge terrain, and to facilitate its maintenance. It was funny seeing a number of the big multi-printers way up on the wall in the main programming hall (the one where you descend the fancy curved staircases), being used generically along with those much-repeated racks of tube 'computer banks'. This would have to be rearranged for the MMORPG to make the views cohesive with the actual buildings (those building would be accessible and probably would be cut down a bit from their impressive, but incorrect size of the game caricature views). In Air-Tite we have some more of the usual level map defects -- looking out a sea window and missing is a directly opposite building wall of an existing inside area - another part of that building/level (you see an open Skybox view only, with distant tall buildings - a clone from a BS2 skybox). Submarines with remote control and automation, which were first used for the Construction of Rapture (allowed use of many fewer deep divers, and significantly cut costs and time delays.)