It’s when my now-boyfriend called me from a grocery store telling me he is running late, because that grocery store didn’t have my favorite brand of bread, and he wanted to go to ANOTHER grocery (10 min away, driving in traffic) store to get it for me. (For the record, I did request and receive heavenly strength to avoid yelling, “There’s no such thing as ‘the kind of gift you would get me’ because you never ever get me gifts!”) I was frustrated. By. The only problem is that he never buys you anything. Your relationship seems perfect. Courtney Pococh - December 3, 2017. You don’t really care about material things, but you have bought him gifts in the past. He's on a good wage and has few outgoings. In fact, he's never really bought me anything. My boyfriend of 2 years has never bought me a surprise gift and he is talking marriage “Until I get married, I will continue to live with my mother” – Adina; Photos of Destiny Etiko in a cozy pose with Nollywood legend, Pete Edochie raising dust; I want to remain friends with my male best friend, not a … My Boyfriend Never Buys Me Anything. Perhaps. I mean, I'm not expecting a car or designer clothes or anything but he literally never buys me ANYTHING. 0. Never. 4010. Finally, I accepted reality: He was never going to change. I was mad. I was sad. Your boyfriend is fairly attentive, and he spends time with you constantly. I don’t mean to suggest that if a man loves you, he’ll spend a lot of money on you, but if your beau cheaps out all the time, there’s something wrong with the relationship. His lack of gift-giving wasn’t my problem.