Once upon a time there was a French botanist named Pierre Magnolia (1638 to 1715). Ancient magnolias are still recognizable today as magnolias. In South America, white flowers of magnolia are used in wedding bouquets because they are synonymous with purity and nobility. If the magnolia attracts so much attention, what is the meaning of this flower. In ancient China, the magnolia flower was considered a symbol of beauty and perfect feminine softness. It is believed that the magnolia tree was one of the first flowering plants to grow on Earth. The flower has an aromatic, fruity and floral fragrance. The fragrant magnolia flower, also known as “Diebold magnolia” (Magnolia sieboldii) is the national flower of North Korea. It is native to China, Japan, and Korea. Unfortunately, there have been few clinical studies of the medical virtues of the magnolia flower. It is the types of plant from which opium and poppy seeds are inferred and is … Digestive disorders such as flatulence and constipation. It is famous for not only its beauty bud, as well for its use in medicines. In Victorian times, the sending of magnolia flowers was a discreet means of correspondence between lovers. Pollen can be found in any herb or magnolia flower preparation, so anyone with a pollen allergy should avoid using herbal medicines containing magnolia. White represents the moon, any lunar goddess and spells cast on Monday, The yellow represents the sun, any goddess or god of sun and the spells launched on Sunday. The white or pink 5-petalled flowers are 4-6 cm across and come in clusters of 1-5. Magnolia Sieboldii–Korean Species. Magnolia sieboldii belongs to Magnoliaceae family with Mangnolia as a genus. Here are some interesting truths about this flower: Meaning of the Colors of the Magnolia Flower. The spells using pink flowers are the best spells launched on Friday, the day of Venus or Aphrodite, both goddesses of love. Magnolia sieboldii it is also known as Oyama Magnolia. Pregnant women should not consume any complementary medicine containing magnolia. It is mostly found in only one color and that is white. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is the best color for government spells. Nowadays, the flowers and the bark of magnolia can be found in tablets, in powders, in tisanes and dyes. Magnolia sieboldii is highly loved and popular among the people of North Korea. According to the people of North Korea, it is the sign of peace not for the native people but also for the country. The red star shining brightly at the top of the emblem symbolizes the greatest revolutionary traditions of the Korean nation and the bright future along with th… The meanings of the magnolia flower depend on its color and the culture of the person who offers or receives it. It is a small flowering tree that can grow up to 5 meter to 10 meters tall. The flowers are produced in whorls of 3-10, with each flower on a slender stem 3-12 cm tall with five united petals. People have, for thousands of years, enjoyed the magnolia flower. It is cultivated on a large scale in the south Korea, it is widely popular among the Korean people not because of its beauty but its deep relation with Korea. In modern paganism and wicca, the colors of the flowers are used to represent certain goddesses. Purple is associated with royalty since the Roman period. A magnolia flower is often synonymous with Yin (on the female side of life). It seems that there are as many interpretations of the magnolia flower as there are people who appreciate it: Interesting Facts About the Magnolia Flower. What the taxonomists and botanists call Magnolia officials since the 1600s, the Chinese called it “hoopoe “. North Korean Siberian tigers are considered unofficial symbol of both Koreas as it represent the Korean people and nation. It is famous for not only its beauty bud, as well for its use in medicines. Magnolia sieboldii have a shape that looks similar to a cup, which is about 7 cm 10 cm in diameter and consists of 6 to 12 petals. Who knows? The magnolia flower might seem to be everywhere, but in reality it is not. It is a flowering species of Magnolia. The trees of Magnolia can live up to a century. Magnolia sieboldii is highly loved and popular among the people of North Korea. The “ mungunghwa” is the Korean name of Hibiscus syriacus which means eternity. Basically, all the magnolias have had the same evolution. According to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, fossil remains show that magnolias lived on earth 100 million years ago. We can therefore say that the magnolia flower, in constant evolution, is synonymous with longevity and grace. Be very careful when using magnolia medicines for the first time. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Although magnolia flowers are known by their white petals, some species have pink, yellow or purple petals. Lotus Nelumbo nucifera • Brunei – Simpoh Ayer (Dillenia suffruticosa) • Kuwait – Arfaj (Rhanterium epapposum) • Myanmar – Paduak (Pterocarpus indicus) • Sri Lanka – Water Lily (Nymphaea stellata) • Thailand – Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula) • Cambodia – Romduol (Mitrella mesnyi) • Indonesia – … In 1952, the southern magnolia (Magnolia grand flora) became the flower of the state of Mississippi. Each variety is absolutely dazzling with large perfumed petals. Magnolia flowers and bark have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. This flower got the name Magnolia sieboldii, after the German doctor “Philipp Franz von Siebold”. The fragrant magnolia flower, also known as “Diebold magnolia” (Magnolia sieboldii) is the national flower of North Korea. They love it so much that they quarrel about how many species of magnolia there are. The roots of it can easily be damaged as they are fleshy, it requires a medium amount of water but on a regular base in a way to have a healthy flower growth. No wonder patients often feel better! National Flower of North Korea Significance. The National Flower of North Korea is Magnolia sieboldii. North Korea has no official national animal, but the mythological winged horse Chollima is taken to be a national symbol.