Love Olive Garden salad? Homemade Italian Dressing is zippy, zesty, delicious on salads, and makes an excellent it's all-natural and easy to make! Enjoy it at home! Recipes: Members Only G. Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce, Olive Garden Light Italian Dressing, Skinless, Bonless Chicken Breasts Main Dish 0 stars This content is for members only Print Recipe Finished Vegan Olive Garden Dressing You can enjoy your Olive Garden salad dressing for about 10 days if stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Learn how to make Olive Garden Salad Dressing at home with this easy recipe and video. Olive Garden Creamy Italian Dressing is tangy and creamy, just like the dressing that is served at the popular restaurant. It's the perfect salad to go with just about any everyday meal. Ingredient Notes I like to make this recipe with extra-virgin olive oil, but a neutral vegetable oil (like canola or safflower) will work as … I found this recipe for Olive Garden Creamy Italian Dressing on several websites.There were slight Serve the dressing with the Olive Garden Salad type mix, croutons, Roma tomatoes, olives, and Peperoncini. Great Italian salad dressing and marinade for chicken and vegetables. A copycat of Olive Garden's salad dressing developed by Food Network Kitchens. Place all ingredients in a blender until well mixed. If this is a little too tart for your own personal taste, add a little extra sugar. With this copycat Olive Garden Salad & Dressing recipe, you can easily whip up a bowl of this restaurant favorite yourself and enjoy it at home. Combine all the ingredients in a blender until well mixed.