Cho-Manno's blessing on white really hurts our gameplan too, though. Does all this and leaves behind a body for edict protection. Vigilance is an underrated ability. Shield of the Oversoul - namesake of the deck. DMCA requests | Slippery Bogle - Couldn't have auras without this guy. This is also quite good on the Sureblade, as a 5/4 Flying Vigilant First Striker is quite a formidable creature. Scattershot Archer is great defense against the faeries. Steward of Valeron especially likes this as he'll be a 4/4 indestructible flier that plays offense and defense. Armadillo Cloak on pretty much anything ends this match. UB Control is pretty much designed precisely to counter your strategy. Instead, auras give the deck reach and try to find opportune times to put the game out of reach for the opponent. This is a race. Eye Candy: +2 Standard Bearer, +2 Prismatic Strands ;; -2 Cho-Manno's Blessing, -2 Safehold Elite, MBC: +2 Cho-Manno's Blessing, +3 Journey to Nowhere, -1 Crystallization, -2 Curse of Chains, -1 Heliod's Pilgrim, -1 Shield of the Oversoul, Delver: +2 Scattershot Archer, +3 Journey to Nowhere ;; -2 Cho-Manno's Blessing, -1 Favor of the Overbeing, -2 Slippery Bogle, Elves: +2 Lignify, +2 Standard Bearer ;; -2 Cho-Manno's Blessing, -1 Mulldrifter, -1 Safehold Elite, UB creatureless Control: +2 Cho-Manno's Blessing, +1 Standard Bearer ;; -2 Curse of Chains, -1 Crystallization, Dimir Control: +2 Cho-Manno's Blessing, -1 Shield of the Oversoul, -1 Steward of Valeron, UB Teachings or Angler / Delver: +2 Cho-Manno's Blessing ;; -1 Shield of the Oversoul, -1 Steward of Valeron, Affinity: +2 Quiet Disrepair ;; -2 Safehold Elite, White Weenie: +2 Lignify, +2 Journey to Nowhere ;; -2 Shield of the Oversoul, -2 Curse of Chains, Familiars: +3 Journey to Nowhere, +2 Scattershot Archer, +2 Cho-Manno's Blessing ;; -2 Safehold Elite, -2 Curse of Chains, -2 Slippery Bogle, -1 Favor of the Overbeing, Bogle Enchantments: +2 Standard Bearer, +1 Quiet Disrepair ;; -1 Crystallization, -2 Curse of Chains, Jeskai Kitty / Boros Kitty: -2 Curse of Chains ;; +2 Cho-Manno's Blessing. Cho-Manno's Blessing on Red stops most of their removal, but be ready for Chainer's Edict out of their sideboard. Wears a Shield of the Oversoul or Armadillo Cloak very well. Some people think party is strong, while others think it will put up no results in Standard. Also, Qasali Pridemage can be used to take out their more troublesome auras, and we bring in a Quiet Disrepair for the same purpose (except it's fetchable with Heliod's Pilgrim. Rogues are one of the heavily supported tribes within Zendikar Rising. This helps disrupt the familiar combo among other things (Ghostly Flicker can't target a crystallized Mnemonic Wall or Cloud of Faeries without blowing it up). You'll want removal fairly early for that early Gurmag Angler. Don't be afraid to evoke if you need to in the early game as keeping the 2/2 flier around later won't actually do much for you. Stick an Armadillo Cloak with the help of Cho-Manno's Blessing or Prismatic Strands. Burn: -2 Curse of Chains, -1 Lignify, -1 Shield of the Oversoul ;; +2 Prismatic Strands, +2 Quiet Disrepair, Stompy: -1 Mulldrifter, -1 Steel of the Godhead;; +2 Prismatic Strands, Infect: +2 Standard Bearer, +1 Lignify ;; -2 Armadillo Cloak, -1 Steel of the Godhead. Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate performed well by protecting his party from board wipes but sometimes that wasn’t enough. Bant Sureblade - Your main attacker. Fetching one with Pilgrim also doesn't hurt that much, as the element of surprise is not completely necessary - opponent knowing you have it is a good deterrent as well. They also have a good amount of removal, depending on the build, but, it's mostly Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere, and Pridemage can make short work of those. Keep a creature around for edict protection and get Cho-Manno's Blessing on Black down on something and swing away!