Microphone dynamique pour la voix. The drum kit can be split right down the middle, as shown in Figure 1. The SM58 is usually my starting point on snare. Des mots devenus immortels ont été diffusés via ce micro emblématique depuis des générations. Microphone dynamique, cardioïde très polyvalent pour une reproduction claire d'instruments amplifiés et acoustiques, idéal pour la sonorisation et les enregistrements. Well I'm glad these 58s aren't a lost cause when it comes to drum micing! Kit incluant un microphone pour la voix dynamique cardioïde avec une interface audio XLR vers USB. What I would like to do is maybe get one condenser for overhead, keep the sm57 for Papes. You can take samples of better hits and replace any bad hits or loud/quiet hits. Earthworks make a mic adapter that turns any mic into a kick mic, there about 100 new might give that try with 58 couldn't hurt . I was wondering whether it would be worth getting better microphones more suited to recording drums (either a set or overhead/condenser). The 58 has the same frequency response of the 57 (compare their charts). I've never heard of anyone miking a drum set with sm58's before, ... 57s on toms & 58s overhead. Et grâce à sa technologie et sa robustesse devenues des références mondiales, il accompagnera encore les artistes et personnalités sur scène pendant de nombreuses années. Le système numérique sans fil Shure ULX-D garantit un son de grande qualité et une transmission RF impeccable, A55M porte micro anti-choc pour Microphone, Pour toute question relative à la réparation et/ou pièces détachées, veuillez remplir le formulaire ici. 2) AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS … In the 60s and 70s however, Glyn Johns who engineered albums by The Who and Led Zeppelin pioneered a 3 mic drum recording technique where he’d simply use 2 overhead mics combined with 1 kick drum mic. choice for overhead mic'ing of a drumset. 57s are good fortop and bottom of snares although I think C414 is better for the top personally. I wouldnt advise compression on the way in. Thank you. Très robuste, il est conçu pour supporter la rigueur des tournées. I'm starting to track drums and my mic selection consists of a modded mk219, two sm57s, and two sm58s. Comédiens. I don't know why but for some reason I liked it better than the 57 (and I've been using 57's on drums for ages!). That's all he had and you know what, sounds awesome and ppl who hear the songs are always impressed by the quality. Introduit en 1966, le microphone dynamique est toujours considéré comme un pionnier, notamment en raison de sa sonorité puissante et claire et de sa construction robuste, il est le premier choix … I did a whole Album with four 58's in 1990 to Tape multitrack at a home studio in an ex church. Just listen out for bleed as resampling snare can produce strange effects if the samples have too much bleed in them. I'm starting to track drums and my mic selection consists of a modded mk219, two sm57s, and two sm58s. Sur scène, dans un club ou au stade, le SM58 produit systématiquement un son chaud d’une grande netteté. Any condenser or ribbon mic is well suited for the job so use what you have or prefer!). Documentations produits, informations logiciels et firmware, comparaisons et autres outils techniques et ressources pour tous les produits Shure. The SM58 is better known as a vocal, guitar and snare mic than anything else — but can it be pressed into service as a kick-drum mic? Conçue pour capter la voix avec clarté et chaleur, la directivité cardioïde reproduit chaque note fidèlement. (2,416 KB), 1 - A25D Swivel Stand Adapter, 1 - 95A2313 Storage Bag.