Most teachers find themselves in an awkward situation when they stay too long before securing a job with TSC. This means that now teachers will have... Top 5 Best and Marketable TSC Subject Combination for Secondary School Teachers... New Teacher Service Commission TSC structure, TSC Online News; Online Payslips, TPAD, Frequently asked questions, New recruitment guidelines & score sheet for P1 teachers 2020, New recruitment Guidelines & score sheet for secondary school teachers 2020, Dogo Charlie, Kenya’s King of Parody Reveals How MCA Tricky Saved His Career, MozzartBet; How to Bet, Deposit and Customer Care Contacts, SportyBet; How To Bet, Deposit, Withdraw and Customer Care Contacts, How To Fill TSC TPAD 2 Appraisal Form Online; Teaching Standards, Learners Progress, Class Attendance, TSC Tpad 2 Teacher, Deputy Head Of Institution and Head Of Institution Dashboards, How to create new TSC TPAD Account ( for self appraisal, KUCCPS Student portal login for 2020/2021 Admission Application, Links to the Best Telegram Channels/Groups in Kenya, TSC website, TSC Latest News, TSC Online Payslips (T-pay), TSC Notices, TSC Downloads, TSC Online Services and How to register TSC online payslip, How to create/Activate new tsc tpad2 account using new url link, Willingness of one to work in any part of the Country. We will update this page when that happens. To sum up the best subject combination is Home science with any subject. The following teaching subjects are also marketable: Subject combination like Physics & Mathematics and Geography & Business are good, if one cannot enroll for those mentioned above its good to settle for these two combinations. You will be receiving Education Updates in Your Email from Kenyayote. If your passion is in teaching and you’ve scored C+ and above in Chemistry and Physics do not hesitate enroll and make a good plan for your future. is an Education news site that is dedicated to covering the Education Industry.© 2020 . Geography / Fine Art NOTE: Training of secondary school teachers’ should be guided at any one time by the existing syllabi and the course guidelines as provided by the Kenya Institute of education. D: TECHNICAL 1. Born Charles Akisha, known by the world as Dogo Charlie he is at the top of the list of Kenya's Parody Kings. KCSE KCPE Syllabus. Mathematics, English and Kiswahili are compulsory subjects. Kenya Secondary Schools Syllabus; KNEC KCSE Syllabus for al subjects - free downloads. Each is form is equal to a year and one year is divided into three terms with mid breaks. The Gaming Platform, MozzartBet Kenya Limited is  registered by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BCLB). Only about 50 percent of pupils that sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) get places in secondary school. Geography / Art & Design 2. There are those who get employment immediately after graduation, others in a span of one year after graduation while others stay up to five (5). Arguably, its marketability is boosted by the fact that few students enroll for this unique combination. In 2018, Kenya launched a new 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum but it is yet to be introduced in secondary schools. Once they are done with four years of study at secondary school they sit for Kenya Secondary School Examinations (KCSE). Once a primary school student has completed his studies, he transitions to secondary school. Over many years this subject combination has proved to be the best and most marketable when it comes to TSC employment. In the 8-4-4 system of education in Kenya, students spend four years in secondary school (Form 1, 2, 3 and 4). Once a primary school student has completed his studies, he transitions to secondary school. }, author={Werunga Kikechi and A. Owano and T.M.O Ayodo and E. Ejakait}, year={2013} } The KCSE grade that a student scores determines the course and university that he will join.