“It’s OK, look.”, Calvin ran back into the bedroom and pushed a chair over to the window. Spiky blonde hair poked up from the stairs. Share via Email Report Story The attic trapdoor opened slowly. Take a second to support Altworld Studios on Patreon! He wouldn’t taste good, and, he’s not educated in the ways of tigers.”, Hobbes put his hands on his hips, leaned forward and grinned as he said, “Well, then it’s about time he learns, don’t you think?”, “Francis,” Calvin said, “This is Hobbes and he’s a dangerous tiger, especially when he’s hungry.”, Francis’ eyes widened as he asked, “Is he hungry now?”, “I’m afraid he’s FAMISHED.” said Calvin. They climbed through the fence and then disappeared over the hill into the pastels of late afternoon sunshine and oak trees. Umcka might work for you too. Full transcript, by S Anand. Thank you Mr. Watterson for “Calvin and Hobbes”. His eyelids felt heavy, like the first morning of school after a summer that seemed to last forever but never did. Calvin's children and grandchildren followed Susie into Calvin… Young Calvin stood at the foot of the bed, holding Hobbes’ paw until the last drop of life ebbed from the old man that Calvin had become. Find some other sucker to do your dirty work! There was a box with an arrow and a dial and when I opened it he jumped out and said he was going to eat me!! “Probably a tiger attack,” Calvin said with a half chuckle. !”, Hobbes shrugged his shoulders and failed completely to appear innocent as Calvin said, “Hobbes, Francis is my youngest grandson. "Goodbye Hobbes. I won’t let go.”, Calvin whispered, “How could I be afraid when I’m with my best friend?”. Cartoonist Bill Watterson didn’t predict the current world when Calvin and Hobbes comic strips ran from 1985 until 1995, but even the final strip makes sense of … “He’s been in the attic for a long time without any tuna fish sandwiches.”, Hobbes crossed his arms and lifted his nose and said with an air of sophistication, “Don’t forget about salmon.”, Francis said, “Do you have any tuna fish sandwiches? Thanks, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Go Here for Scot's videos and and performances. Drinks are acceptable. Susie came in and said, "Look who's come to visit you." Think of all the tuna that lunch money could have bought.”, Calvin sighed and said, “It’s OK, he would have tasted terrible anyway.”, Hobbes nodded and said, “You’re probably right.”, After another moment, Calvin asked, “Hobbes, do you think everything ends when we die?”, “Do we just disappear and leave no trace,” Calvin continued, “Or does entropy rule and does our energy move on to something else? Share. Then his eyes widened and with excitement in his voice he said, “I think… it was a rocket, maybe space aliens, maybe they have purple tentacles, maybe they are dangerous and trying to take over!”, A wicked grin spread over Francis’ face and he asked in a low voice, “Do you think they left any evidence?”, Hobbes said, “There’s only one way to find out…”, Francis turned towards the great unknown beyond the back yard and replied, “Let’s go exploring!”, They crawled through the fence and ran past the rope swing and disappeared over the hill, and then Hobbes’ voice floated back through a dancing swirl of leaves and twigs picked up by a random late summer breeze, “Did you bring the tuna fish sandwich?”. Calvin: Ok, dupe! “Full of Possibilities,” is the line Calvin uses, and it makes you smile at this farewell, rather than be merely depressed at the ending of the series. ~ Scot. Last one outside is a rotten egg! Staying at home and need music? Scot's online jazz piano community, since 1995. You clean my room, and when you're done, I've got some homework you can do, too. ?” Francis took a bite, looked up, straight at Hobbes, and said, “This might be the best tuna fish sandwich ever made.”, Before Hobbes could even begin to coil up for the attack, Calvin said between painful breaths, “Hobbes! Like the day he learned how to hammer nails into wood. Go with Francis outside and eat that. He would have liked to fold his arms and look out the window, but his arms felt heavier than normal. He turned around and saw Hobbes standing behind him, then looked outside once more before jumping down. I wrote this as a memorial to “Calvin and Hobbes” because the comic strips were an integral part of my life from the start when I was a teenager to the finish. Purple tentacles covered with dangerous suckers forced him to crash land in a gray cloud of dust on the asteroid’s surface. I've had great results with Umcka cold and flu remedy. The Last Moments of Calvin and Hobbes. Everyone but Calvin rushed outside to find Francis and Hobbes sitting on a branch in a maple tree. Susie walked back in and gave young Francis a sandwich. “Hey, where are you going?” yelled Francis. A big part of making great music is engaging your audience. “It takes a certain kind of boy to be best friends with a tiger.” Calvin said this with a very serious voice and a brief worried glance at Hobbes. Looking for Chico's music? In a moment it was over. Calvin And Hobbes – Drawn By Nick Davis Calvin grimaced as he struggled to maintain altitude above an asteroid gorge filled with glowing lava and writhing orange slime monsters. Calvin turned to face Hobbes one last time. Thanks... for everything..." "No, thank you Calvin." Purple tentacles covered with dangerous suckers forced him to crash land in a gray cloud of dust on the asteroid’s surface. This is a nice jazz lead sheet for the Irish classic folk song, "Danny Boy", otherwise known as "Londonderry Air". He’s just a little guy… like I was, he needs you, and, he's stuck in a tree.” Hobbes sat on the bedside and brushed a bit of hair, still blonde, from Calvin’s forehead and said, “You still need me too, ol’ buddy.”, Calvin smiled and after a moment said, “Thanks, you know, for everything. Even now it resonates and attracts new fans, such was the power of Bill Watterson’s story of innocence and wonder.