I’m 56 years old and have worked in many studios over the years. If you didn’t have a track to listen to? I never try to record a drum because my friends were saying that it was complicated, you’ve got to check out the phase and bla bla bla. Most Versatile: Hooke Verse – Wireless binaural microphone. Very inspiring video! i use Shure SRH840s and have just recently installed the 112DB Redline Monitor into my DAW in the Master output for monitoring and mixing. I was curious at your mic placement, I will give it a try. John’s success with his first session inspired him to refine the process of recording bands with a single mic culminating in a video series called OneMic — the minimalist recording series. This video convinces me again. And thanks for the priceless examples and knowledge you are sharing. Well done. Thank you for helping us! The artist (band) is responsible for the final product. Also it’s on a Mac Mini 4GB of ram. Ciao! I was full time recording for all kinds of audio production through out the 80’s. Depending on the size or makeup of the room you rehearse in, getting the details on every player can be challenging. Do I detect a nod to the Creator in your music? I would assume Pro Tools Express would let you bounce tracks down if you somehow needed more? So I kicked off the mic located next to the floor tom and left only the one that was located over the snare and suddenly the mix worked just fine with all the drums (and the bleed), bass and vocal centered and the guitars panned hard left and right. My stuff is the bare bones plug-ins and interface)? Cheers I think one of the keys to why this song sounds so good is that even though the recording equipment you are using is affordable, you are also using DECENT instruments that are in good shape. The most important detail to wrap your head around is how to record the sound of an entire band or group of playing at live volumes. Graham you’re great! Thanks for sharing I’ve only been on your site a short few weeks and have learned tons Ty ! Required fields are marked *. audio industry will kill you soon… I just did a similar mono mic experiment about a week ago on my kit using my Rode NT2a. Is it possible to record entire album and mix it at home. Sonically, the R88’s forte is its open and natural tonality. I’d like to thank you for all your videos and for your straight talk about what it takes to improve our craft. Really helpful and timely too. More importantly, the point of the video had nothing to do with the song’s lyrics–the sound was great even though you were using such a limited setup. Instead of planning which instrument would get which mic and hours spent mixing, John spent hours pre-planning setting up the position and spacing of the instruments and musicians in the room. Turns out you get more than enough tools to get the job done. Loved it, but you kinda need a balanced sounding drummer. Because that’s what many of you actually have in your home studio! Excellent recording! I would start where I had the mic in the video and then try in front of the kit as well. This organic presentation isn’t limited to “acoustic” music as seen with live classical and folk music. Finding the optimal position that gives you a balance of enough kick, snare, and toms, without the cymbals overpowering it was a challenge. It won’t have that modern upfront sound as a multi-miked kit. This one mic challenge is AWESOME!! Awesome Sound Graham! I just thought if I got one that the band could just play through one good take and we would be done in 5 minutes. Keep up the good work, God bless! Chop off the high end and low end. Hear so many songs on youtube that have been produced in a way I cannot figure out, they are clean and crisp. Graham you have totally inspired me to get a much simplier set up! An SP-50 and an SP-20, I have an M-audio M-track plus, and pro tools express. With the help of a drummer buddy of mine we did 9 tests consisting of 3 different positions (Front of kit, front overhead, rear overhead) and three different mic HPF settings (0, 40Hz, and 80Hz). I’m a VIP’er over at Joe’s site and that is how I found out about you. It’s possible that was for a different recording of the song, but that would be my best guess. The AEA R88 stereo microphone is a true Blumlein recording system and houses two ribbon transducers with two separate outputs. Just goes to show you what decent yet affordable instruments and recording gear can do! OK let’s start. Been at this for over 30 years and still having fun! How can people still doubt recording great tracks with cheap gear like this is possible? He also did an episode with Joe Gilder on the Simply Recording Podcast talking about this very thing… Check that out as well, very helpful stuff. Absolutely inspiring….You are without question the best resource for pro tools I’ve come across since I started using the software, and I’m a Lynda.com member. Before setting up to track your band, make sure you choose a song, or songs, to record that … Great video. Atheist over here, and I didn’t mind the song. I used a Focusrite 2i2 ($150) and a Behringer B-2 Pro ($150) myself to record my first full-fledged album this year.