Bands of inlay running down the center of fingerboard, along the edges, and rings around the sound hole, 53 cm long, ukulele, retailed by J. Albert & Son, circa 1890, decal to headstock bearing 'Made expressly for J. Albert & Son/ 137-139 King St/ Sydney, rings of inlay around the sound hole and to the front edge of the sound board, 54 cm long, English ukulele banjo, by John Grey & Sons, model George Formby, serial no. Price Guide. These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. (2)The violin is in poor condition though with splits running from either end of one sound hole, the sound post appears to be slightly splintered. New Ukuleles. That type of case is notorious for damaging ukuleles - the snaps at the bottom sometimes will crack the bottom of the ukulele when popped shut. Formby', and, 'Mr Wu's a W. Cleaner'. The instrument comes with an entry form relating to its loan to Warrington Museum and Art Gallery; scanned stills showing the instrument being handled and discussed on several television shows (including Richard & Judy, 1991); a newspaper clipping from the Daily Post, 1998, showing Stan Evans playing the instrument; a newspaper clipping from the Manchester Evening News, 1991, showing George's sister Louisa de Hailes posing with the instrument, George Formby (1904-1961). S. Stewart, Philadelphia, circa 1920s, Company name inlaid in mother-of-pearl to headstock. Banjo approx. Deals and Steals. The 'George Formby' ukulele banjo, bearing the registered plate to the head and stencilled George Formby on the 8" skin, cased; also two Aulos plastic recorders, cased (3), Two TGI Extreme Protection gig bags; together with three TGI Dreadnought guitar gig bags and two TGI ukulele transit gig bags (7), Musical instruments - ukulele, two cornets, two trumpets, leather suitcase (6), A box of assorted vinyl LP's including James Last, Tom Jones etc, leather case and Mahalo ukulele, An early 20th Century ukulele, stamped CF Martin, no case, An Ashbury Resonator ukulele , in padded case, A vintage Ukulele, bears label Duffy of Kendal, A Reliance ukulele banjo, cased (no strings), Roca Spanish ukulele, together with similar unbranded, TWO BOXES MISCELLANEOUS INCLUDING UKULELE COFFEE GRINDER TEAPOT AND CHINA, Banjos, two 19th Century fretless banjos, ukulele banjo and another, for restoration (4) A/F, A Hawaii Kumalae Gold Award koa wood ukulele, cased length 22cm, An early 20th century five string zither banjo, possibly Reliance, closed back, marked Unwarpable, Patent No 23784, Rd 294961, 93cm long, cased; another, The Broadcaster ukulele banjo (2), A four string banjo ukulele, with beech wood neck, the body attached to a circular tray back, 60cm long, with outer case, along with a 20th century copy of a Antonius Stradivarius violin 59cm long, with bow and outer case (2). 1833' decal to headstock, 78 cm long, American ukulele, by Washburn, style two model, serial number 701, circa 1930s, the verso of headstock stamped '701 / Pat Apld for / Washburn', 53 cm long, American ukulele, by Gretsch, Hammerhead model, New York, circa 1930s, 'Gretsch' decal to headstock, 53 cm long, American ukulele, by C. F. Martin & Company, style O model, Nazareth, circa 1930s, 'C. I advise against buying a ukulele for which the original bridge is missing. Discover our selection of ukuleles. Lot Automater. Cookies help us deliver our services. An early 20th century La Pacific type banjo ukulele, length 41cm, together with a novelty single string instrument (2). eBay Lot Bot. For additional help, view the User Guide. The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2020. If your vintage uke is a high quality one, small screws holding the bridge in place will not affect the sound provided the bridge is tightly held against the top of the uke. This a ukulele made in Japan, probably for sale to tourists in Hawaii. Archive of approx. George Formby (1904-1961). A vintage 'Broadcaster' ukulele banjo, four stringed (one missing), length 100 cm, together with a Dulcet banjolele, eighteen tension bars, length 54 cm (2) More details Live Auction Find the worth of your vintage ukelele. 200-300 original assignment letters addressed to George Formby, song contracts, 1930s/40s, including some his most famous songs (The Window Cleaner; The Emperor of Lancashire; On the Beat; The Ukulele Man; The Blue Eyed Blonde Next Door; Going Down the Hole for the Coal; Imagine Me on the Maginot Line, and others), housed in binder. Brass label bearing 'Band & Orchestra Instruments / W C Brehm / Broadway / Los Angeles' verso to headstock, 53 cm long, American ukulele, by Lyon & Healey, Chicago, circa 1920s, an acorn branch wreath decorated to lower body. Automatically value all games in video game lots on eBay. The ukulele’s popularity spread to the United States when American songwriters began composing music with Hawaiian themes and sounds during the 1920s. Price Guide. Provenance: The Alex & Annette Hood Collection, NSW, Vintage 'Royal Hawaiian' ukulele in carry case. The instrument bears an engraved plaque with George's quote from Off the Dole (above). Two childrens instruments, First Act Discovery 3/4 guitar and Tiger ukulele, both with cases. F. Martin & Co. Est. A good Mahalo made four string ukulele finished in blue. 2704, circa 1930s, parquetry inlay to edges and sound hole. Mother-of-pearl inlay to fingerboard, 53 cm long, American ukulele, by Gibson, style 2 model, Michigan, circa 1930s, stamped Dg-2900 / made in the Us', to the verso of headstock, 53 cm long, American ukulele banjo, by Gibson, Ub-1 model, Michigan, circa 1920s, 'The Gibson' decal to headstock, 49 cm long, American ukulele, by Samuel. Decal to the headstock and pineapple motif to lower body, 55 cm long, Hawaiian ukulele, by Kumulae, circa 1920s, decal to headstock, rings of inlay around the sound hole, 53 cm long, Hawaiian ukulele, circa 1920s, partial decal to headstock, the top crafted from Koa wood, 54 cm long, Hawaii ukulele, circa 1900, the shaped headstock with a decal bearing the cartouche 'Ua Mau Ke Ea Oka Aina I Ka Pono'. Price Drops on Ukuleles. Customize & download your own price guide with the games you want. Research our price guide with auction results on 24 items from $80 to $2,923. Walden also played for Great Britain's football team at the 1912 summer Olympics, where he won a gold medal. Complete with original carrying case bearing inscription, 'Low' (in George's hand), and mounted envelope, inscribed, 'Uke in D, Low' (again in George's hand), which allowed George to identify the correct instrument as he didn't read music. F. Martin & Co. Est. Custom Price Guide . By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Ltd. A Lanikai Concert ukulele, Hawaii, model no LFM-C, cased. See More. Welcome to the Reverb Price Guide, the ultimate resource for music gear pricing and information. Other notes: a similar example forms part of the Powerhouse Museum. F. Martin & Co. Est. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at (2), An electro-tenor ukulele of guitar form, mahogany coloured body with mother-of pearl bird inlay to fingerboard, soft cased, A 'BBG BLUES BOX GUITAR NO 5' SQUARE THREE STRING UKULELE. Just about every major guitar maker has produced a ukulele (often misspelled ukelele) at one time or another. The case is probably original or at least from the same vintage as the ukulele. 'C. $69. The instrument comes with a signed letter of authenticity from William Logan, dated 29 March 1995; two signed letters from Stan Evans (on behalf of The George Formby Society), addressed to Bob Norton, 1993; a copy of the Indemnity certifying that the instrument (Serial No: C/2364) was indeed Lot 449 in the Beryldene sale held by J. Entwistle & Co., 1961, George Formby (1904-1921). $599. It’s many ukers’ dream to come across a vintage Martin ukulele at a car boot sale for a tenner. 17 frets with mother-of-pearl dot position markers, 14 tension hooks, flange resonator. All New Ukuleles. The Joe Brown concert Ukulele in case:Overall length 61cm. A Dulcetta banjo ukulele, with mahogany handle, chrome mounts etc., 56cm long.