This topic has been closed to new replies. Remote browser isolation benefits end-user experience and an organization's network security. He is also the proprietor of, a website described as "the word lover's guide to new words," which tracks new words that become part of the English language. If you have two or more physical drives (not just two or more partitions on a single physical drive), splitting the page file over each drive can improve performance because it means that Windows 7 can extract data from each drive's page file simultaneously. Windows doesn't have to increase it after it needs to be enlarged from the starting point, usually 2GB's or so. For more information about this title and other similar books, please visit No matter how much main memory your system boasts, Windows 7 still creates and uses a page file for virtual memory.To maximize page file performance, you should make sure that Windows 7 is working optimally with the page file. No matter how much main memory your system boasts, Windows 7 still creates and uses a page file for virtual memory. Any virtual memory page (32-bit address) can be associated with any physical RAM page (36-bit address). The Automatic memory dump setting is enabled by default. Copyright 2006 - 2020, TechTarget In practice, however, it has been shown that this trick does not improve performance, and in some cases actually decreases performance. 3. In the Performance group, click Settings to display the Performance Options dialog box. By default, Windows 7 sets the initial size of the page file to 1.5 times the amount of RAM in your system, and it sets the maximum size of the page file to 3 times the amount of RAM. A security operations center can help lessen the fallout of a data breach, but its business benefits go much further than that. There are three things you should consider: See "Changing the Paging File's Location and Size," later in this chapter, for the information about moving the page file. Therefore, the default initial page file size is too large and the disk space reserved by Windows 7 is wasted. Copyright © 2006-2020 How-To Geek, LLC  All Rights Reserved, How to set performance options in Windows XP. Some things are 'not broke' and shouldn't be messed with. MB's doesn't need to be entered, just the number. The next few sections present some techniques that help you do just that. virtual memory My windows 7 machine has 16 Gb of RAM memory, an SSD (vertex 111Gb) disk and 2 WD (1Tb) harddisks. Windows 7 and Windows Vista manage virtual memory by using a paging file. Ref: How to set performance options in Windows XP Which should also apply to Windows 7. Often tweaking virtual memory is not the best solution for increasing system speed. The page file is named Pagefile.sys and it's stored in the root folder of the %SystemDrive%. It is good practice to leave the paging file at its recommended size as performance can decrease if a paging file is too large. If you changed the drive or decreased either the initial size or the maximum size, you need to restart your computer to put the changes into effect. If you have a large amount of RAM (at least 2GB), you might think that Windows 7 would never need virtual memory, so it would be okay to turn off the page file. Another option is to boost the amount of memory by using Windows‌ ReadyBoost. Sign-up now. No problem! TIP If you want to move the page file to another drive, first select the original drive and then activate the No Paging File option to remove the page file from that drive. Here are some notes about custom page file sizes: See "Changing the Paging File's Location and Size" to learn how to customize the page file size. Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited, a technical writing company, and has been writing computer books since 1991. Now give a "Initial Size" and "Maximum Size" in MB and click on "Set" to set the virtual memory. How to solve this bug? If disk space is at a premium and you can't move the page file to a drive with more free space, set the initial page file size to 16MB (the minimum size supported by Windows 7).