A father will have parental responsibility if: He was married to the mother at the time of birth; He was listed on the birth certificate ; Both parents or the father registered parental responsibility with the court; Parental responsibility can also apply to partners in same-sex couples. A woman (who is said to be more nurturing by nature), whose heart will allow her to hinder a father from being in his child’s life is not trustworthy, in any regard. If you’re in the scenario where a mother is withholding a child from a father in Australia, you’re probably stressed and worried about what to do. More. As covered above, assume all conversations are being recorded. This cause major depression and eventually the loss of the fathers home, job and truck. 2. Her mother has kept her away for over a month now with no contact and has taken her out of state. At one point the mother moved and provided a false address so the father could not visit and once found the phone number was changed so the father could not talk to the child. On the other hand, when the mother keeps the child from the father, parental alienation can occur, and that has serious ramifications. You don’t have any parenting orders yet, and you want to stay out of court – however, she just won’t let you see the children. The mother would say the child was not home when called, at times to visit told the father she is at another family members house. When you yell at your wife or your children it often gives the appearance that you are being abusive or bullying them. We would like to know what to do since we can't afford a lawyer right now. What to do if a Mother is withholding a Child from a Father in Australia . Yell at wife and/or children. Your question reminds me of my parents' marriage. My husbands has a court order stating he gets his daughter every other weekend. What do you do when a mother keeps a child from their father when a court order states he gets the child on weekends? My child was givin to her father at which time i had a lawyer,i was working with dcbs and the worker i had lied every time i went to court my case plan was for me to do substance abuse classes which i did parenting class which i am doing,drug screens three time a week which i have done scene December of 2018 and it dont matter what i do she lies everytime and my lawyer sold me out what can … Maybe it is not very helpful for you but I just want to let you know that at least you are not alone.