The Gear battle system is a little more complex, but still pretty straight forward. Elly is taken into Karellen's private lab, where she confronts a deranged Kahran Ramsus demanding to know where Fei is. Elly spins both of her rods to deal a heavy blow followed by making a jumping strike and a somersault kick. After learning Elly's whereabouts, Gebler attempts to kidnap Elly. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Elly and Fei return to their planet after killing Deus. Karellan explains that Elly, as the Mother, must be sacrificed in order to revive Deus. This fact of her life was a mark of ridicule by some people of Solaris, including Elly's former comrade in the Elements, Dominia Yizkor. The Wels divide themselves into the 'haves' and 'have nots', and some even resort to cannibalism due to their desire for flesh. Back on the surface, Fei and Elly work together to put an end to the Soylent System. The party defeats Deus, but they realize that the energy released from the Wave Existence's shift will destroy the planet. I don't know how, but you see this coming from the second you meet her earlier in the game. Despite Elly being a Solarian and the daughter of one of the Empire's most decorated officers, her red hair and blue-violet eyes physically separates her from other first class citizens, who were mostly blond-haired and blue-eyed. Sadly there's no way to know which Gear you're forced to use in the story all the time, so sometimes you might upgrade everyones' Gear (yea there are more than one in this game) even if you don't use them. Xenogears boss fight vs Elly and the deadbeats -- Watch live at Elly leaves the party forever after Anima Dungeon Two is completed - it is recommended the player remove any valuable equipment before the Hammer boss battle. In Xenogears the Elements continually get in your way whenever the game felt like it needed a boss battle. If you don't do this, you're in for hell. After revealing the truth about Deus's nature and its coming plans for humanity, the 'Last Myyah' becomes absorbed by Deus. She came to, surrounded by blood, causing her significant guilt going forward. First up, we have Hammer returning since the first time we saw him turn traitor on the group to fight us with his new found power. As his mech is destroyed by Executioner, Erich declares that Elly is his and Medena's child, no matter what. Similar to Cyclone and Double Shock, Elly hits her rod twice in a spinning manner and heavily damages her opponent with a slower somersault kick. The first Elehayym inherited many of the characteristics Abel wished for in a mother, as well as the Original Myyah's special nature as the mother and protector of humanity. Xenogears appears and Fei uses it to defeat Urobolus. Just an all-around great boss fight in the context of one of the greatest moments of the game. The final confrontation is against G Elements where they actually do transform a la Voltron into a giant robot. Because of this, Elly and her Gear can be viewed as a rather pointless character to use entirely, since she won't be available for the latter parts of the game, and all the effort put into building Elly and her Gear as a party member could be used on Fei/Citan/Bart/Billy/Rico/Emeralda/Maria instead. If you like regular combat...then you'll be a tad disappointed, because the game focuses mostly on Gear combat, and the regular combat system becomes nearly useless at end game. After being rescued, he follows the main group for a large portion of Xenogears, offering his services. So similar to Fei, there is more to Elly than you currently see...which becomes hilariously clear way later in the game, but at this point in the game you won't think anything of it.\r\r*Stats*\r\rFei: LV24 - Metal Vest, Leather Hat, Power Ring\r\r*Strategy*\r\rThis game has two main battle systems. There's a FRIENDLY, yes FRIENDLY Gear Repair Robot before this fight. Make sure to get the [AQUASOL] sitting in a white bag on the forest floor, too. In 9994, Elly joined the Jugend Military Academy. Once a battle starts the screen quickly changes to a combat scenario. Everyone regroups and Elly and Emeralda go to the Mass Driver Facility to release the Limiters of everyone on the planet. It's only toward the midpoint of the game that Elly learns that her appearance is due to her being the Antitype, and finally accepts that Medena is her real biological mother. Elly has a long orange hair and indigo eyes. This first version of Myyah went on to create a biological assembler plant, creating Cain and the Gazel Ministry. Her main outfit is a white and black Gebler military uniform with a green gem at the center, brown stockings and white short boots with black linings. If you're stupid like me and choose to fight it, it'll be destroyed and you won't be able to heal your Gear. A lot of this fight is dialog based. Elly approaches Fei at gunpoint and orders him to surrender in Solarian. As Fei slumps back against Citan it is revealed that Elly is the who shot Fei. You MIGHT want to Booster (this is just like a Haste spell in FF games), but it makes you use up more Fuel per turn. Despite this, and the fact that Fei later saves her, Elly comments that the next time they meet, they will be enemies. Myyah also calls Elly's eyes "beautiful". When the drugs took affect, her powers as the Antitype temporarily awakened and she lashed out, killing two of her fellow students and injuring three more. While Fei is gone, Elly is visited in her room by Medena, who feels that Elly should live her life the way she wishes, and that if her loved ones are in danger, she can't abandon them. So set yourself up for boss battles. For Xenogears on the PlayStation, Boss Guide by MBeddingfield. Nonetheless, his actions have caused much suffering at the time of Xenogears. Elly somersaults her opponent followed by hitting her opponent multiple times with her rod and the last blow goes for a charging slash with her rod. Elly was leading an operation to steal a top-secret experiment Gear from the rival country Kislev, but was forced to flee from Kislev forces and, as a result, crash-landed in Lahan Village. Elly was born to Medena and Erich Van Houten in 9981 in Solaris. Karellen (Krelian in the English localization) is a major character in Xenogears. Both Abel and Elly were continuously reincarnated through the Zohar Modifier by the will and power of the Wave Existence. In T.C. Boss Fight #69: Grahf (True Weltall) Location: N/A HP: 15,000 EXP: 198,000 Gold: 0 Treasures: None Attacks: Fireball, normal attacks Recommended Level: 75 This battle is also easy, since Fei now gets to use the all-powerful Gear Xenogears. She also feels no insult in having been rescued by Fei, a Lamb, which she credits to her father's more open-minded approach to surface dwellers, as well as her seeing similarities in Fei's guilt and her own.[2]. Her English voice actress, Moira Quirk is known for portraying as a referee in. There's a mandatory Forest Elf/Dive Bomber fight when you try to enter the third screen, however. Just use regular X, Level 1 Deathblows (I didn't even bother with the Infinity Deathblows) to finally finish the game. Xenogears - Ramsus & Miang (Boss) Fei and Bart fight Myyah and Ramsus. Sometimes, it's enough to one-hit-kill bosses. Interesting bunch of stuff going on in this video. At this point in the game, there is no way to heal your Frame HP of your Gear, so if you're low on HP from random fights and killed this guy AND saved...then you're probably stuck.\r\rAnyway, like I said, Gear upgrades are super important in this game. By the time of Xenogears, Karellen is a leader of Solaris, despite that he was once Solaris' enemy. When her faith in Solaris is shaken, Elly must find her own path in life and pursue her goals without the backing of her family or Solaris. Elly is a competent fighter with her rods, but she has powerful elemental ether, which makes her valuable to the party. Much later, in her home country Solaris, Elly shows Fei around Etrenank and Solaris and she acts as a language translator for him. Fei rejects Karellen's ideology with his love for Elly, but Karellen challenges Fei, telling him to prove this love that could make him independent of God, and calls forth Urobolus, a gigantic serpent-like being bearing Myyah's face. Fei sets out to destroy Deus and free the Wave Existence and Elly. Art of Elly and Fei holding hands by Kunihiko Tanaka. In Gear battles, her Gear Vierge, and her Omnigear, El-Regrs, also wield a rod. In her Aqua Frost final deathblow, Elly is shown as an excellent ballet when using this ability. Van Houten is a Dutch surname, literally meaning "from Houten" (a reference to the town of Houten in the Netherlands). Elly stays behind and assists Nisan for her own safety.